Club of the Week: 8/21/2020

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20200821_cotw_bestleaderLast week we asked Club members to nominate their Leaders if they felt the deserved the title of “Best Club Leader.” Players did not disappoint!

While we received a great number of nominations, one Club’s leader garnered a sweet handful of well-written, well-documented reasons why their Club Leader deserves this honor, and as such, it was obvious this leader shines bright.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Crazy Cat Lady Robin from TheStayTrueCrew!

There were a total of 6 nominations for Robin, and here’s a bit of what they had to say about her:

From Anne M: “So I’ve been in this group for almost two weeks and I can say that Robin is a truly great leader.”

From Pearl: “Her name is Robin and she had truly created something remarkable with this very select group of people. She’s created a community, more specifically, a family. I don’t fully understand how she’s managed this but it’s genuinely the truth. Especially with how crazy the world is right now, this type of family ‘should’ be unrealistic, but shes made it a reality for every one on our team. She’s an amazing, selfLESS, woman who has created a safe, little nook in the world that’s generated a phenomenal family. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for this family, everyone who is a part of it and the woman who pulled us all together and created something truly remarkable.”

From Kayla P: “I first met her back in our old Club, Pointhunters, and from day one Robin was so welcoming, kind and down to earth. I have been in some crappy Clubs, as soon as Robin became leader of TheStayTrueCrew, I can now say I have found the team that I want to stay on.”

From Nancy J: “We are a Legend team… and under Robin’s leadership and the never ending work of our co-leaders, I think we will always stay a Legend team.”

From Veronica K: “She became our leader due to our previous leader abandoned us, the team fell apart and she decided to start a new fresh group with the few of us still left.
We started in rookie league, and she motivated us all to keep pushing, and now we are in legend league the third week in a row. Robin is the sweetest woman i have ever met, and i can truly say she is my good friend. She truly deserves to be in the spotlight because she keeps our team together, treat us like family. ”

From Maureen H: “Our previous group leader and a bunch of his followers all left but before he left he made Robin leader, she woke up to this and stepped up big time.  We were left with about 6 players, we struggled through to reset and then started the new club, TheStayTrueCrew. Robin and the co-leaders have built this team up, we moved steadily through the ranks. There is no stress, everyone helps one another and are friends. This is the best club I have ever played with and it’s all thanks to Robin and the co-leaders.

A round of applause for Robin the Crazy Cat Lady! Your Kudos are well deserved!


Alas, there were so many we can’t include every nomination, but here are a few others that stood out:

From Susan, in regards to Jennifer, the leader of Club RPO: “She has cancer, going through chemo, works full time and STILL has time to look after us as a team. She had beaten the cancer a few weeks ago but now requires more chemo as some of her organs are in danger of shutting down. We would be lost without her and would like to show her how much we appreciate everything she does during this very difficult time in her life.”

From Linda, in regards to Serene, the leader of Club Sacred Space: “She is constantly working on goals,  constantly communicates with the team on the message boards to not only praise us but give us updates and tips for extra stars or coins or to check your fb page for rewards.  She never says a negative thing to anyone and responds quickly to questions. She does all of this while also being in a diamond league team and working full time.

From Serene, leader of Sacred Space, about her CoLeaders: “Any good leader knows that they are only as effective as the team and/or co leadership that supports them. I could not survive managing these teams without my awesome co leaders. We are a “leadership team” and we make many of the team management decisions together.

From Cheryl, in regards to Claire, the leader of Club Team breakaway: “Team breakaway has definitely got the absolutely best leader EVER!!!! Claire started the team end of June, beginning of July and through constant encouragement, laughter and extremely efficient team player building, she has got a wonderful team from rookie to diamond level in this extremely short space of time,,,, she’s compassionate to players who can’t play for various reasons,gives advice to those that want it and is generally THE ABSOLUTE STAR ⭐ of a LEADER!!

From Christian, in regards to Dusty4, leader of Winners Club 7: “Everyone can tell Gusty wants what is best for the Club. I can also infer it really hurts him to remove people that are inactive for over a week, especially when they are people he knows have been reliable and friendly towards others in the club. Lastly, Gusty’s energy inspires me and others to be positive towards every Club member.”

From Frederique, in regards to Suzy, leader of Seahorseranch: “We are an amazing team whose loves to play together. We are from US, Canada, Great Britain and France for me. She takes care of us, our health, gives some advice for playing. I love this leader. We all love our leader. Trust me she’s the best!”

From Peggy B, in regards to Robin Z, leader of Club 10K: “Robin leads Club 10K with Integrity. She is extremely honest and has high moral values. She always expects the entire team to be honest and not deceive others. We play for Club 10K to move up the league and be respectful as we go. Robin has assembled a strong group of CoLeaders who help her. When she is unable to be present she can delegate responsibilities to this group and expect to come back to a team that is still strong and going in the right direction.”

From Miriam, in regards to Clare, leader of Team Dianonds: “Clare works full time as a nurse but still finds the time to play consistently well and encourages each of us in a kindly way and by example to do likewise. I have been a member of Clare’s Team since day 1. And being 85 years old, I have needed a lot of help learning the game… Clare has been most patient & helpful with all on our TEAM… Together Everyone Achieves More. Thank you Clare our Super Leader.

From Barbara, in regards to Bikini, leader of Mermaid Dream: “She doesn’t just see  players were like a family. We share our life struggles what the weather is like etc.  She has a set of rules and she makes us stick to them. She doesn’t play around either if your not doing your part as a team player out you go after 3-4 days no activity.  That’s what makes her a great leader with all her other qualities.”

From Shaunna, in regards to Kym, leader of Cat Ladies United: “Kym has a huge heart and she always puts the people she cares about first! She is stronger than anyone knows, but she has a sweet and sensitive side. She always finds a way to get things done. Kym is an excellent leader and knows how to encourage and motivate everyone around her. She leads by example and always has a funny comment or sage advice. She has been our leader since 2017 and I hope she continues her role for many years to come!”

Thank you everyone for your nominations, and congratulations to Crazy Cat Lady Robin! Well-deserved.