Club of the Week 8/25/17: Funniest Motto

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Today we congratulate the winner of the Club of the Week for having the “Funniest Motto!”

And that honor goes to Frizz! Their motto is: “Team Frizz…where even our house llamas can score higher than you!” A slight explanation from one of the submitters: “It started out as house cats, but we have a team member who raises llamas, thus the change.”

There were a LOT of funny ones, and here’s a sampling – in no order:

– Islanders: “what do you do if you fall into the ocean? Sea kelp 
– join this club: “Gettin’ Freaky for the Golden Tiki!”
– Great Uncles: “Insomnia is awful, but on the positive side, it’s only 3 sleeps til xmas!”
– Tiki-holics: “Rule #1 – BEAT PARKER! – He should be working anyway!”
– Braddah Iz: “Hawaiian Superman… WE ARE NOT, but we try!”
– Sunshine13: “Global tripeaks addiction support group”
– TNTeam: “TotallyNotTypical – wine us up and watch us go. We’re PERKing awesome!”
– Coconuts: “Tap till you crack your coconut! Earn a lot of loot or get the boot!”
– Perk Pirates: “arr Mateys! Earning booty one perk at a time”