Club of the Week: Best Club Leader!

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Recently we asked Club Members to nominate their Club Leader for “Best Club Leader” if they felt that their leader was incredibly special. We were deluged with nominations, and it was a labor of love to go through them all and narrow it down to a few… choosing the actual Best Leader was much more difficult.

We had a lot of wonderful candidates, but one leader stood out. It’s not just because she received the most nominations – she did – but because these nominations were consistent in describing a true gem of a Leader.

The Club Leader is Jenn, and her Club, Mad Margaritas, really REALLY appreciates the way she manages their success. Here are just five of the things that stood out out of seven nominations – each from a different member:

From Linda: “She celebrates our accomplishments every step of the way.  This is from today: ’15 hours after reset and this amazing hardworking team has Goldie back! Great job team.’ She and our leaders call out amazing performers each week and celebrate their successes!  Most improved, Top scorers, most Club Quests, etc.  If a player is struggling they are not removed from the Club, Jenn and our leaders reach out to the player separately to offer tips and advice to help them.”

From Victoria: “She started this Club from scratch and in less than a month, with recruiting new players, teaching them very well, and veteran players (when she left my old Club, we missed her so much that a lot of us just had to be back on her team) she brought the Club into the Legends league with her positive attitude and great leadership.”

From Caroline: “Je suis arrivé dans ce Club lorsqu’il était en ligue de Pierre. Chaque semaine, Jennifer a su motiver, conseiller sa team. Nous sommes aujourd’hui pour la seconde fois en ligue Légende,  tout est dit … De plus, c est un Club américain et nous sommes 3 françaises. Elle fait toujours l effort de parler notre langue même si nous sommes bilingues.” Loosely translated, and shortened up quite a bit, that’s: “We’re now in the Legend league for the second time. Plus she always makes the effort to speak our language even though we’re bilingual.”

From Krystal: “I got into this game to take my mind off of ankle fusion surgery because I don’t want to think about it. So I needed this positivity.  I’m a positive person always and I wanted to keep a level head about this.  So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank Jennifer of MAD MARGARITA’S for being such a kind and positive person. People  like that are rare these days. This team is built around daily positive affirmations and I couldn’t be more happy to be apart of such a positive team during a difficult time.”

From Lori: “My leader always has words of wisdom, encouragement, and she is there at any time. She goes out of her way to pull the group together. Teammates respond to her ways and she is received well. She has made my experience in Solitaire TriPeaks worth playing.”

So, congratulations Jenn! You’ve obviously got that special magic that’s required for great leadership! And congrats to Mad Margaritas for securing a spot in this fabulous Club (PS: you also received nominations from Leslie and Sandrine).

There were so many other wonderful nominations, that we did want to call out some other great leaders and highlight some of the fantastic things that their Club members had to say about them.

Catalina, or “Cathy”(see below) from Outcast Legends also received more than a handful of nominations and, here are some of the things her Club had to say about here:

From Constance: “Catalina, as an official leader has been amazing. The title hasn’t changed her.  She continues to be a fun, fiercely competitive, articulate, proficiently reliable teammate – whom we consult, probably even more than we Google, for a variety of topics. She just has a way about her, a way of communicating that even when it’s straight up & bluntly to the point – folks just want to do their best.  She just inspires greatness.”

From Flora: “She  is not only a great leader, but she organizes, makes sure that CoLeaders are on all shifts, plays as much as she can, notifies us if  there are any changes in play. ALWAYS  lets us know if there are Coins,  Boosters on our Facebook Page, and gives us support if needed in our lives at home or work!”

From Tanya: “She leads this group with the right mixture of humor and serious goals! She’s created a supportive group that rallies to her calls to quell the volcano  or new club quest while educating the group on high level playing!”

From Claire:  “She’s our boss lady! But she hates being called Cathy. It’s a personal joke with us. So feel free to call her Cathy 🤣 We started outcast legends from about 10-12 dedicated players from a diamond team. But we weren’t “allowed” to progress because we were a secondary team. So we left, and we became …. Outcasts! On the way to legends!”

AND THAT’S NOT ALL – Below are just a handful of quotes from the nominations that stood out. There were so many it’s a shame we can’t post them all:

For CindyLu, leader of Play4perks, from Kathleen: “CindyLu, the leader of Play4perks, is the most loving and caring leader ever. She cares about each and ever Play4perks team members,  she’s more than willing to meet any and all members that’s possible to meet.”

For Ju, the leader of Tiki Cool Cats”, from Tabby, in the form of a poem: 

When playin’ TriPeaks Solitaire
There’s one guy who wants you there…
No worry if your hand is crappy
He just wants you super happy!
Even if you dip on out,
He won’t scream or b*tch or pout
Just reminds us to “stick like glue”
And that leader’s name is
JU   JU   JU !!!
For Bev, leader of New Dawn, from Cindy: “She tries to help make up for the people that can’t play full time, which makes the team try harder. She made up a poem for the team: “Let’s play every day, and have fun to get the perks done, if work or time gets in the way you just have to say”. She is always friendly and funny. We have fun on the team and it feels like family, caring about each other.”
For Jacqui, leader of One Step Beyond, from Gloria, also in the form of a poem: 

What makes a great leader I cannot say
Is it the caring, the sharing, and showing the way?
Someone who sets the rules so we can play
Winning games and Club Quests along the way.

A Team Leader cheers us toward our goals like a ship’s Captain
The Co Leaders waving imaginary Pom Poms making it happen
We laugh as we get the entire team chatting of our lives
We speak of dogs, cats, job, kids, husbands and wives .

Players from all over the world some young and some old
Making friends and chatting, funny stories being told
Like our Scottish player Buster who we thought was a “mister’
Buster was her dog’s name and she’s really a sister.

What makes a great team leader you may ask?
Working with members in need is no great task
Perhaps it’s compassion given when you are ill and can’t play
broken bones, hospitals, hurricanes, or twin grandsons on the way,

All of the above describes our leader, Jacqui Dawson
As a friend and leader she is totally awesome
She represents our team name and should wear the Crown
She is The Best Leader, mentor, and friend on One Step Beyond.

For Tara, leader of Tiki Fun, from Miss Josh: “Tara makes us want to work to win and we enjoy it.  She has changed “just another solitaire game” into something that is fun and, yet, rewarding.  She has brought pride to our group and we work as hard as we can.  Plus, I have belonged to a lot of groups who don’t even know what the chat board is and that includes the people running the Club (no instructions or ‘hey, there!’)  We are a jovial group who enjoy each other’s company.”

Thank you to everyone who nominated their Club Leader! If your nomination didn’t get quoted above, or it did, and it wasn’t complete (for most of these, we just used a portion of the full nomination), we strongly urge you to send it to your Club Leader to make their day.

We’ll be doing this again in about six months, so if you love your Club Leader, take note when they do the things that make them a great leader to prepare for the next nomination!