Club of the Week: Best Origins for Club Names!

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Last week we requested that players write in with the origin of their Clubs’ names. We received a sweet bundle, and as difficult as it was to choose a favorite, we did – but it was close!

Let’s celebrate the Club of the Week…


Here’s the story of the origin of the name from Club Leader Mendi:

I am the organizer for AlwaysSmyelin. Our Club is full of kind and thoughtful people that all LOVE your game! Thank you for making this AWESOME game!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and that’s where the team name comes from. It’s basically a play on words. Multiple Sclerosis affects the myelin in one’s brain, hence “Smyelin”  So, this reminds us that no matter what we are faced with, we must keep AlwaysSmyelin! I am faced with daily struggles and challenges, but this game keeps me connected and socializing, and having fun with friends!

And here are some of the other submissions, in no particular order:

ITAPPAKEG (pronounced I Tap a Keg).
Leader: Cat.

This club is playing very well. It always seems to be a race in club points between myself, carol and jeorja. Love this game!

Camp Tikihama.
Leader: CCmL

When we starting the team a couple of months ago, we were trying to find a name that incorporates something from the game into it, but still unique.  We thought of a few names with puns, but then my wife came up with Camp Tikihama.  That is the name of the camp Shawn and Gus from the TV show Psych attended when kids, and is prominent in the episode “Tuesday the 17th”.  We thought of a few others, but I kept coming back to Camp Tikihama.  It reflected something we both enjoyed, the TV show Psych, and it had “tiki” in it!  A search of the club names showed no one had that name, so we decided it would be a fun and unique name.  When we finally revealed the name with the small group of friends with whom we were starting the club, they all said “What a great name!”  We may not have a bonfire, but we earn badges in things like Teamwork and Communication and in our team chat many a tale is told.

Proud Americans
Leader: Saundra-Jewelie

The story behind my name for my Club is simple.  I’m a proud American!  My husband served in the U.S. Army for 24 years and I am a proud Army wife & proud American. My husband served from 2004-2011 in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq with only getting to come home for 1 month out of each year. It was a very difficult time for our family but it was a necessary sacrifice to make for our great country. Therefore I am a proud American so it was only fitting to name my club Proud Americans!  It was the only thought I had for a name for it.  I love my country & I love the game. God bless America!  

Pele’s Hotties
Leader: JoannaKitten

I started my amazing Club, Pele’s Hotties”! The reason I started my Club was that in my former Club it seemed like there were only two or three people that were playing frequently while the others either stopped playing or waited for the Perks and rewards that everyone else played and won for the team. The leader wasn’t even active.

I bid the Club good luck without any negativity because who knows, maybe those several people had issues where they couldn’t play.. .and I created my very first Club on the second day of me ever playing the game!

I was a little unsure if I would even get any exposure via the “Find” and with so many players, how would anyone find my new Club of one(me!) interesting enough to join. I am also super shy even online, lol. I picked the name because I thought it went well with the volcanic theme and was cute. Well, I got one new member within the first hour and another and another throughout the day. By the second day morning, I had a full roster of 25 members!

I just decided to be myself and thought about what I would look for in a leader… someone who is attentive, encouraging and would roll their sleeves up and put the time in, just like everyone else. Now on my third day and my fellow teammates are a great group of players that play all hours of the day, when they can and we’ve moved swiftly up in the ranks! I couldn’t ask for a better group of teammates and I am proud of Pele’s Hotties!

Leader: Lori-Beth

Since there is no one left on the team who knows the history of the name Bubbles, our teammates have shared their own ideas of what the name means. At one time, as organizer, I changed my name to Rubber Duckie and my team mates were the bubbles in the bath. We like to think of ourselves as bubble that float each other’s spirits up. You can’t think of bubbles without smiling and that’s what we are all about.

Leader: Nicole

Our Club on TriPeaks is called “Poodles”. It’s a Club for poodle lovers, and those of us who, while enjoy being competitive with each other, enjoy working towards the goal of winning the most Perks and Club points.

Prior to this Club, I was in a Club where out of 24-25 members there were only 4 or 5 of us working together to win. I was so frustrated  and set out to find a better team, and I did,  the Poodles!  They accepted me warmly,  and it didn’t take long before I felt like I’d been a part of the team all along.   

Fun ‘n Games
Leader: Noel

Our Club is called Fun ‘n Games.  I created it because the last two clubs I’ve been in were full of drama and paranoia. People get really concerned about what kind of sneaky things other players may or may not be doing. I have 5 of the original members, and we’re currently in 411 place (which is pretty good if you ask me, lol.)  Anyway, we all love the game and can’t wait for all the new updates. Thanks

Editor’s note: I looked to see if “Drama n’ Paranoia’ was taken, and it’s still available! 😉

Club Sunshine
Leader: Michelle

I am the organizer for Club Sunshine. Our team is named this because we find Solitaire TriPeaks to be as relaxing as soaking up the sun’s rays on a beautiful beach. We are “Walking on Sunshine”. We also have the Sunny Mile High award for all team members who get 100,000 or more Club points in one perk cycle

Perks and More
Leader: Jacque

Our Club name is Perks and More. The Perk part is pretty obvious. We play and work hard to complete each Perk. We have goals we try to reach each week. More importantly is the MORE part of our name. We started as a group of strangers and have fast become a small family. We cheer each other on, pray for each other, laugh and cry together. Our Club shares stories of our families and help carry each others burdens. What started as a game has become so much MORE for those of us in Perks and More… It is our get-away where we find some of the best support we could have ever hoped to find.

Lottsa Perks
Leader: Sandy

The name of our Club is Lottsa Perks – not just because we like to complete “lottsa perks” but because there are “lottsa perks” to being in a Club! The more experienced players help the new players when they have questions. One member is our technical support when we can’t figure out what we are doing wrong! Our Organizer has mad-strategic skills as well as top level management techniques! She should be working for the President!

Seriously… a team is only as good as it’s leadership!

Last but not least… the friendships with these people from all over the map is absolutely priceless! I have y’all to thank for that so THANKS TRIPEAKS!

Serious Players
Leader: Jamie

Our Club understands that it’s just a game we still have a life. But we also realize it is more than a game – it’s a stress reliever,  a support system, and a comfortable place. it’s like Cheers! A place you go where everybody knows your name.

This game has brought 25 people from different places in the world together in a crazy bond. For instance – we have a member in Puerto Rico we haven’t heard from since the hurricanes hit. We know they have no power and we are all worried waiting for her to come back. In the meanwhile we have all decided to pick up the slack for her till she comes back.

Plus we are amazing.  There are tens of thousands of clubs and we are at rank 192.

Busy Bees
Leader: Isa

My Club name is Busy Bees. My player name is Traci. I did not create the name but since becoming a member the name fits!! Teamwork is awesome! Members stay in touch daily and do not mind helping other members. We play like busy bees to move up in the ranks.

Six Perks
Leader: Stacy

Our Club is named Six Perks. We named it that a very long time ago, reason is simply that we get all six perks every week! Lol

The Runaways
Leader: Bob

I was in another Club where the organizer was a no-show for 3 days. I had over 100k and the bottom 6 players, including the organizer had a total of 0 points.

Several of us talked and decided after a set time if the organizer hadn’t shown up we’d start a new Club. Now we’re The Runaways.

Island Hoppers
Leader: Maureen-OttawaCANADA

Let me tell you a story. When I first joined a Club I was chatting basically to myself. I thought I was the only one in the group.  Nobody talked to me, I felt sad.

Then I found Island Hoppers. Let the chat begin! I asked so many questions and was amazed I got a real person responding and explaining everything to me. I was a real novice.  Eventually, she got so fed up trying to get people on the same perk she quit and named me the Organizer.  Holy moly, I had no idea what happened. I thought I made her quit because I asked so many questions!

We eventually evolved from around 850th place to 100-150th place.  

We are now a team of girls with one very spoiled gentleman.  But boy, do we chat… and chat… and chat. Both on our FB group page and also the game chat.  They never stop.  We chat about family, pets, endangered teammates in hurricanes, floods, forest fires.  Surgeries, egging each other on to do better, sharing funny stories and pictures…. The list goes on. Anyways, we should change our name to “those that never stop yakking” or something.  I wonder how we do so well when they chat ALL. THE. TIME.

Bottom line, no idea where our name “Island Hoppers” comes from but we love our little group.  We are true family.

Erin – MN USA

Our Club started in mid-July due to a loyal member getting removed from another Club.  None of us could figure out why she was removed.  When we asked the leader she would say that she didn’t want to talk about it.  Many of us felt it was unfair so we left the Club and that was the beginning of Mutiny.  Later we found out the club leader was jealous of the member that was removed.

Our club started in the 50k range, last week we finished 17!  Not back for a Club only two months old.

Now we have fun competition with our old Club as we are still friends with members who stayed.  It creates fun competition!

Thanks GSN for providing a fun filled game that we can enjoy.  You are doing a great job of updating and making the game more fun.

Leader: Jules

My Club is named after my dog, Tyke, who has been with me for 9 years after I took him on after my dad died. Before Tyke, I was scared of dogs. Then I plucked my courage up to have him and now love him to bits – and just got a new dog who is blind and been badly treated. But is so sweet and love her so would like to add Tina to club name.

Tiki Zoo
Leader: Marsha

Our Club name, “Tiki Zoo” pretty much says it all. Trying to get 25 people to all work consistently to finish perks is a riot.

Wild Dragons
Tiger Lily Maine,USA

We were Dragon behind until we united together and became truly wild. Through this Club we now have many good friends and much good fun!

Golden Stars
Leader: Jennifer

I chose the name because every person brings their Golden personalities to the team. We are Stars because we are an outstanding team! We check on each other like family. Keep laughter and fun in everyday conversations. We are all respectful to one another. We stay connected through the chatroom and Facebook. We discuss any decision making, big or small, as a team. Our team is a combination of love, understanding, dedication, great attitudes, enthusiasm and great communicators!

Whine and Wine
Leader: Mel

I started this Club with 5 others. We came from another Club.  We made the name because we all would get on together with our glasses of wine and play the game. We drink wine while whining about how hard the games are!

Leader: Michelle

Our name is basically what it states. It was started by an awesome leader Michelle who had to retire due to migraines, but she built a team of loving caring wine-swilling hard-working people with wickedly wonderful senses of humor! Sometimes we literally are so silly we “Ain’t Sane”!

TriPeaks Freaks!
Leader: Tonja Kemp

I started my own Club to find people who were as obsessed as I was with the game. I felt like a freak for playing so much and wanted my Club name to attract people that aren’t afraid to get their freak on and play like there’s no tomorrow!


Janna’s Mom
Leader: Laura

Our leader is Laura and she is Janna’s mother.  Several of us were in another Club together and when Laura decided to do a new Club, we all  joined her.  It’s a fun Club and we try to encourage each other.