Community Update: 6/1/2017

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Hello Island Hoppers!

Thanks for all your great ideas, suggestions and feedback. Here’s just some of what we’ve got coming up next to address some of the issues raised. We know this doesn’t cover everything, but there’s more on the way that we’ll share in future updates.

Upcoming Changes:

Free Plays: Thanks for all the feedback last month regarding Free Plays. In response, we will change Free Plays to ensure the Coin payout is the same as games entered normally with Coin cost. We will roll this out to a small group of players later this month to ensure that it’s working correctly and release it to everyone once we feel that Free Plays is meeting everyone’s expectations. (See “Note about feature testing” below).

TriPeaks Friends Help: Per your feedback, we will be increasing the cap from 10 to 20. Expect to see this get rolled out to the community this month. (See “Note about feature testing” below).

Reward Chests: Starting in Update 3.9, rewards in Chests will be more consistent by giving a fixed number of Reward Cards that guarantee a minimum amount of Coins, Free Plays and Wilds based on the Chest type. Better Chests have more cards with bigger rewards. Chests will also have a small chance of containing Gems, a new currency that can be spent in the updated Club Shop. (See “What’s New in 3.9” for more details).

What’s New in 3.9?:

Gems: Gems are like Coins, but instead of spending them on levels, you can spend Gems in the updated Club Shop on unique rewards. Gems can be found randomly in Reward Chests and by ranking in our upcoming Club Contests.

Updated Club Shop: Take your Gems and spend them on unique rewards in the updated Club Shop. Buy a pack of Boosters and Free Plays or spend it on getting the new Diamond Chest.

Club Contests:  Every week Clubs will have a chance to earn Gems in the new Club Contests. The Contests will coincide with our weekly Perks event. Ranking requirements and Gem rewards will change each week.

New Reward Chests:

Diamond: Will always give out 11 Reward Cards, including a guaranteed minimum of 16,000 coins, 2 Free Plays and 2 Wilds.

Double Diamond: Will always give out 13 Reward Cards, including a guaranteed minimum of 20,000 coins, 3 Free Plays and 3 Wilds.

New Island: 

Journey to the Mermaid Manor meet Marina the Mermaid and her seahorse pals as you play 100 new levels!

Note about Feature Testing:

Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features.  We call this “Feature Testing” and this process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how real players actually use them.