Community Update: 9/21/17 – Clubs & Quests!

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Hello Island Hoppers!

Update 4.0 is here!  This update focuses on improving the way players manage their Club, adds new quests for Clubs to complete,  and overhauls the leaderboard system to give people more opportunities to earn more rewards and be recognized for their effort. Take a look below and tell us what you think!

What’s New in version 4.0?:

  • Club Quests:  Quests have been a popular feature in TriPeaks for individuals and now we’ll be adding Club Quests that require a minimum number of members to complete. These new Quests are in addition to a player’s individual Daily Quests and will be found in the Quest screen. Rally your teammates and get the Quest done before time expires!
  • Leaderboard Update:  The weekly Red Star Leaderboard is getting a pretty significant update to make the competition more fun for everyone and to give out better rewards.
    • Smaller Groups: Play against up to 100 Solitaire TriPeaks players every week.
    • Leagues: Players will play to move up through the leagues to earn better bonuses and compete for bigger Coin rewards in the higher leagues.
    • Rewards: Win Free Plays, Boosters and other goodies through each leagues’ bonus rewards.
    • Promotion and Demotion: If you rank high in your group you’ll earn a promotion to the next league with better rewards. Finish low in your group and you risk moving down to a lower league.
  • Club Co-Leaders:  Leaders (formerly known as Organizers) will now have the ability to promote any number of Club Members to be Co-Leaders of the club. Leaders and Co-Leaders will now be able to work together to manage the Club roster. 
    • Co-Leaders can:
      • Promote other Club Members to Co-Leader
      • Approve Requests to Join
      • Edit Club Settings
      • Remove (“Kick”) Club Members

We’ve moved all the requests to join messages from the Leader’s inbox to a new Club Inbox located in the Clubhouse screen where the Leader and Co-Leaders can view and manage all the requests.

  • Expert Levels:  Expert Levels can now be found in the World Selector. If you are on an Island, tap Map and then tap World to find the new location.
  • Club Volcano: The Volcano in Clubs will be adjusted such that Clubs struggling to get the first few Perks will experience fewer eruptions during a Perk Event.

Note about Feature Testing:

Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features. Our feature testing process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how you as players actually use them.