Club of the Week: Nicest Club – Not Your Own

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Last week we asked players to write in with their favorite Club that was not their own. This Club stood out as one that took into consideration the varying levels of skill and commitment. Hats off to Millie Lite!

Here’s what Karen, the nominator, had to say:

You need the backstory. We have the best Club – Millie. I joined it over a year ago before it was even a “Club.” Somehow I became “organizer” without even knowing what that meant. After a while, I gave the Organizer role to another member to let someone else have a “turn.”  Shortly after we “learned” how to communicate with each other via chat, the Organizer gave me back my “horns. – that’s what we call it. One of our players, Coachlon, had a lot of good advice for making us an actual “team” so I gave him the “horns” and he became Coach. That’s when Millie became a great team. Life happens and Coach got busy so he gave the horns back to me. I had them for a while and then gave them to one of our top 3 scorers. She still has them. And now the nicest Club:

Coach, through his coaching, made Millie a great team. Pretty close to a top 100 club. We’ve had some turnover, but we stay friends. Coach got busy again and needed a break from our weekly minimums. He started a new club, Millie Lite. He considers it a gap club for Millie members who aren’t ready to leave the game but can’t make Millie’s minimums.  Coach is teaching newbies how to play, how to chat, how to change their names. He’s inviting them to join our Friends of Millie Facebook group. Millie Lite has no requirements. No weekly minimums. They never earn the good perks. But they have all the other benefits of a top earning Club because they have the best Organizer and Coach. Right now 8 members in Millie Lite are retired members from Millie. The rest are either newbies or other TriPeaks players who needed a port in the storm.  Millie Lite is the nicest Club that’s not my own because Millie Lite has the best Coach.