Club Champs is HERE!

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There’s a new way to show off your skills and tout your game expertise—by becoming a Club Champ! Now, the top three players in Clubs will be recognized each week with a crown on their portrait for extra bragging rights!

How it works:

  • Be in a Club with 15 players or more
  • Play games and earn Club Points
  • Finish with the most Club Points every Thursday to win a crown on your portrait and bragging rights for a week
  • Once you collect your Perk Celebration from your inbox, your Crown will appear on your portrait!

What’s better? COMING SOON the top three players in each Platinum, Diamond, and Legend Club will have the chance to earn prizes along with the title of Club Champ during SPECIAL event weeks! Special Event

Special events:
From time to time, we’ll hold special events where members of top Clubs will compete to be Club Champ AND win BONUS rewards!

  • You must be in a Club within the Platinum, Diamond, or Legend League to win bonus rewards
  • At the end of the event week (Thursday at 8:55pm PT), the top 3 players will be rewarded with a BONUS chest!
  • Your Club Champ Bonus will be in your Rewards Inbox after the end of the Perk Celebration!

If you aren’t in a Club, now is the time to join! If you are in a Club, let the games begin!