Introducing Club Shuffle Fridays!

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In an effort to help you, or your Club, or you *and* your Club create the perfect balance of harmony, personality and ambition, we’re introducing “Club Shuffle Fridays”.

For a long time now we’ve seen players advertise their Club, or themselves, in various places on Facebook. Many of the messages get lost in the crowd, and it’s not exactly an effective way to recruit or be recruited.

So, we’ve rejiggered the Club Recruitment section of the Forum to include three different play styles: Fierce (highly competitive), Ambitious (competitive, but more moderately so) and Casual (fun first, competition second). From there, we’ve divided each style of play into two categories: one for Clubs looking to recruit players, and one for players looking to join a Club.

In addition to all this, for optimal efficiency, we recommend making your switches early on Friday, as the Perk Event begins. That way you’ll start the week off with a bang.

Visit the Club Recruitment Section of the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum to take part!

Here’s a little video for more information: