Introducing Roko’s Powerups!

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To enhance your Solitaire TriPeaks playing experience, we’re excited to release our latest feature: Roko’s Powerups!

The Intriguing Backstory

Chief Roko is up to some mischief! In this new event Roko “borrows” his brother Moko’s scepter, which gives *you* the ability to use powerups to help you in your games. Unlock, upgrade and activate these new powerups during your journey across the islands before his brother gets home! Otherwise, well… Roko definitely doesn’t want to find out. 

How Does this Work? 

Roko’s Powerups is a new event where you can earn different powerups to help you as you play your games. You’ll experience new types of powerups that range from getting a head start on the Streak Meter to guaranteeing Tiki Cards in your games.

Earning Powerups:

You’ll notice the Daily Quest has Totems on the right side. These Totems are used to track your progress toward earning a new Powerup Chest. Each time you complete a Daily Quest, a new Totem is added. 

When filled, Moko’s scepter has the ability to summon a Powerup Chest. This chest contains both Powerup Cards and Orbs, which allow you to activate powerups.

Powerup Cards represent a different timed benefit to activate in games. As you collect more of the same type of cards, the powerups are upgraded. The level and number of cards needed to upgrade to a higher level are shown on the front of the card. Upgraded powerups can be activated for longer periods of time and may be more powerful. In the image below, we just upgraded the More Time powerup to level 2. We can upgrade More Time to level 3 with four more More Time cards: 

A description of the powerup can be found on the rear of the card with the benefit and active time. Each powerup also has a rarity associated with it. The more rare a benefit, the more helpful!

The Orb

A Powerup Orb is used to activate a powerup. The image above shows a powerup being activated. You’ll get at least one Orb in each Powerup Chest from Roko.

To use a powerup, you’ll need an Orb with the same rarity. You can easily tell the rarity of an Orb or powerup from its color: green for Basic, blue for Rare, and purple for Epic, as shown below.

View your powerups from the powerup screen from the main screen, or bring them up from the pregame screen so you can activate them and jump right into a game.

More Rewards:

Unlock special rewards from Roko as you activate more powerups. Track your progress toward these rewards at the bottom of the Roko’s Powerups screen. You’ll be able to open each reward here as they become unlocked.

Moko’s Return

Eventually all good things come to an end. Roko will have to return the scepter right before his brother returns, or else Moko will do whatever he can to make sure Roko is properly educated on why taking your brother’s scepter is very much the wrong thing to do. At this point the event will end and the Powerups screen will not be available. But don’t worry, Roko will find another way to get that scepter back for another fun chapter of Roko’s Powerups!


Q: Where can I use Roko’s Powerups?

A: Use them everywhere! The choice is up to you. Go hunt Tributes, make progress on your Event or work your way toward the next island!

Q: Can I use more than one Powerup at the same time?

A: Yes! If you have the available Powerup Orbs to use, more than one powerup can be active at the same time.

Q: How do I unlock the chests next to Chief Roko on the Powerups screen?

A: Use Orbs to activate powerups and earn season points on the progress bar to unlock the chests.

Q: What does Basic, Rare, and Epic mean on the powerups and orbs?

A: These are rarities to classify the Powerups. Basic powerups are found more often from the Powerup Chests with the Rare and Epic Powerups being given out less frequently, but providing a more powerful benefit when used in games.