Isle of Love: Meet Jayna and Brad!

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It’s the LAST of the ❤️Isle of Love Spotlights❤️, so, as we prepare to vacate the island, let us introduce to you the last TriPeaks Couple we’ll feature this year – Jayna and Brad! These two can’t decide who’s the better player, but that seems to be the only area where they disagree…
1. What is your name?


2. What is the name of your love?


3. Did you meet in Solitaire TriPeaks or are you both players and share both your love and your love for Solitaire TriPeaks?

We met before and are both lovers of the game!

4. How did you meet?

In high school, about 17/18 years ago. But we didn’t start dating until after high school and have been going on 10 years together.

5. What’s your favorite thing about your sweetie?

His selflessness. He puts everyone above himself. His mission is to keep his family happy.

6. And your sweetie’s favorite thing about you?

He says my genuineness. How I go above to make sure everyone in our family is taken care of. I guess it’s definitely a team effort for us!

7. Besides Solitaire TriPeaks, what are some things you enjoy doing together?

Definitely spending time together as a family. Movie nights at home are always a weekend favorite. Our life can get so hectic, so to sit down and enjoy each other’s company is a must for us.

8. Are you both in the same Club? If so, which one?

We were, but he went to the rest team for a while since work life is so busy right now. But I’m hoping he’ll be back soon!

9. Be honest – who’s a better player?

We both say each other, but he usually scores higher than I do, so definitely him! He is very competitive!

10. What’s the best piece of advice you have for keeping a relationship alive?

Love, respect, honesty. And most definitely communication!

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