Join the Honey Bear Rescue Mission!

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There is nobody more put-upon than the humble Mini-Tiki. Swept off by rogue waves one too many times, the Mini-Tikis have been purposefully avoiding all beaches and oceans… 

Only to be foiled by a naughty beekeeper. 

This time, the sweet Mini-Tikis were taking a class from Mr. Sting’s School of Beekeeping, where they donned their beekeeping outfits that are made to look like little bear costumes. All was going well, until they realized what Mr. Sting was up to. 

His plan was to have the bees create a honey so incredibly sticky that it would act almost like glue, and he would pour it on every single deck of cards in Tiki Island, rendering them useless. What’s worse, is that these bees normally create the honey to feed the honey bears at the Monkey Island Zoo! These bears suffer from seasonal allergies and desperately need local honey! 

 So, now the Mini-Tikis are desperately trying to keep the bees from entering the special hives Mr. Sting created that take the pollen the bees bring in and turn it into that gooey glue. They need YOUR help to stop him!

How? Thankfully, the Mini-Tikis have developed a plan where YOU can help them by keeping the bees out of the hive. First, look for the Honey Bear Rescue:

Then hit the “GO” button to play the Rescue Mission Levels to stop as many of the poor bees as you can:  

You’ll see the bees following their natural instinct to enter the hive and deliver the pollen, and the Mini-Tikis desperately trying to keep them out. You do have to play quick! You can see how many seconds you have in the lower left corner of the playing card (for example – there are 12 seconds left in the image below): 

The more Mini-Tikis you’re able to help, the more rewards you earn.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Match Game for some sweet, sweet rewards. You must match THREE items. For example, in the images below, you can see in the second picture that three flowers were matched, awarding the player 2 Wild Cards! 



You’ll see how many Mini-Tikis you’ve collected and how many more you need to go for that level before the beginning of each round:

It’s a mission of fast fingers, smart strategy, and frenetic fun! Go help the Mini-Tikis!