Join the “Riding Bull” Rescue Mission!

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Oh those Mini-Tikis! They’re in the midst of creating a Western Movie with an island-feel, directed by Captain Karma’s crazy-rich Uncle Louis, who will spare no expense to make the greatest western movie of the decade!

Well, in one of the more ambitious scenes, the main character must win an important bet that involves thousands of Mini-Tikis falling off mechanical bulls at the same time.  So, Uncle Louis has set the stage – and what a stage it is!- to film thousands of Mini-Tikis on mechanical bulls all falling off the bull within the first few seconds of getting on.

Alas, the problem is that the Mini-Tikis are known throughout the island to be excellent bull riders, and it’s very difficult for them to fall off naturally. But, the point of the scenes is that the main character, Louis “Hicks” Malloy, has bet the town sheriff that he can make a thousand Mini-Tikis fall off their horses within five seconds when he starts yodeling.

Nobody expects the film to be a masterpiece, but this is a pivotal scene. However, if the Mini-Tikis can’t train themselves to go against their instinct, they’ll be kicked out of the movie, losing their income, which means they need YOU to help them!

Won’t you please help train them? 

How? Simply join the Riding Bull Rescue:


Then hit the “GO” button to play the Rescue Mission Levels to rescue as many of them as you can:


You’ll see the poor wee ones riding the bulls, fighting so hard against their instinct to stay on the bull. Thus, it’s up to you to play those cards – and quickly – or they’ll just keep riding away until the bull finally bucks ’em off and they’re sent packing, unpaid, uncredited, and out of work:


You’ve got to play quick! Sometimes there’s more than one who needs your help! Don’t miss any opportunity to save the Mini-Tikis!


The object is to get the Mini-Tikis off of the mechanical bulls, so move quickly!

The more Mini-Tikis you help train, the more rewards you earn.  After a certain number of levels, you’ll get to play the Match Game for some sweet, sweet rewards. You must match THREE items. For example, in the images below, you can see in the second picture that three flowers were matched, awarding the player 15,000 Coins! 



You’ll see how many Mini-Tikis you’ve collected and how many more you need to go for that level before the beginning of each round:


It’s a mission of fast fingers, smart strategy, and frenetic fun! Go save some Mini-Tikis!