Mom in the Spotlight: Lisa Honors Cherrill

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When your Club needs another member, and you need someone you absolutely know will work out, why *not* turn to your mom and recruit her? That’s what Lisa did, and now she and her mom are fierce players in their Club!

1. What is YOUR name?

I am Lisa

2. What is your Mom’s name?

My mom is Cherrill.

3. How did you both discover Solitaire TriPeaks?

I discovered TriPeaks, and when the team needed more players, I recruited my mom.

4. Are you both in the same Club?

My mom and I play on the same team: “grandma island”.

5. How does Solitaire TriPeaks help your relationship?

We live in the same house.

6. Have you ever had an argument over the game?

I can’t ever remember arguing about the game.

7. Be honest – who is the better player?

I’m the better player, but she plays consistently.

8. What’s your favorite “Mom” story?

My favorite story of mine for mom is the morning we woke up and she said “I think I’ve had a stroke”, and she had! Still makes me shake my head. We still had to convince her to go to the ER!

9. What’s your mom’s favorite story about you?

Mom’s favorite story about me is the fact that I’m not a pet lover and yet I love her cat Ellie.

10. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

My golly – she learned the game at 83? And going into 85 this year! Our Club and “melanie” is the best team to be on!

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