“My Funny Valentine” Club of the Week!

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People love their Clubs.  This week we asked players to submit nominations in the form of a poem for the “My Funny Valentine” Club of the Week. We were deluged with a lot of truly wonderful, funny, clever, and heart-felt odes.

Here are the not one, not two, but THREE Clubs that took home the “Club of the Week” virtual trophy (WE keep ’em virtual so YOU don’t have to shine ’em!), in no particular order: The Iron Thrones, Perl Aggression and Team Card Smart.

And here are there odes:

Card Smart Team
by Susie J

I love the cards, I love the perks…
I think the wave breakers are real jerks!
I love the challenge, I love the rewards…
I really despise the tangled cords!
I love my leader, I love my team…
Card Smart members are the extreme!
Ace, King, Queen, makes no difference to me…
The numerous tributes are all I can see.
So win or lose, red roses or blue…
I wish a happy Valentines Day
To each one of you!

Ode to The Iron Throne
by Cheryl R.

Our lives sink into a sea of red and black
Kings and Queens and a one-eyed Jack
I need more Coins or I just might crack
Quests and Tributes have spawned an insomniac

Of course, we drink and we know things
It’s just how we roll
Now I’m not sure if that little critter’s a tiki
Or a totem pole

That distant ringing… it must be my phone
How I wish my office would just leave me alone
I declare that this week (and it must be made known)
I’ll take first place and reign on The Iron Throne

Talkin’ Bout My Club
by Dan S

My Club is Perl Aggression
Don’t know what it means but it’s still my obsession
The ladies are great and they love their teamies
We win at TriPeaks and chat with extreme ease.

I can’t imagine a day without them
It’s up to around 200 and countin’
Of course we’ll spend Valentines Day together
No matter the time
No matter the weather

Its a lot more than just playing cards
We give it our spades, our clubs and our HEARTS.

One must admire anyone who can legitimately rhyme “their teamies” with “extreme ease.” Well done! And if you ever find out what that does mean, we’d love to know.

Nicely done, all three Clubs! I think you’ve warmed the hearts of your teammates and hopefully have given them a little chuckle.

But – these were just our favorite favorites. There were SO MANY GOOD ONES! Here are just a few more samplings we hope you’ll enjoy:

Tikitime Fanatics
by Jubilant Juju

I love my Club Tikitime Fanatics
Quests and Perks we really go at it
Encourage and lift each other on Tripeaks
Play day and night to maintain a good streak
Working together to complete each task
Help and support to anyone who ask
Low on coins we’re Facebook givers
Just request them and teammates will deliver
We respect and care that our health is fine
While sharing stories of past Valentines

Poem for Team Andi’s Relaxi
by Andrea W.

Oh team!
Delete delete
Until we formed
Our bond
Each of you are a cog
And each are needed
Without one, we fall
Together we soar
Thank you so much
Let’s get ’em all!

Take it to the Top
by Donna M.

Dorian is our fearless leader,
For our club “Take it to the top”.
We support each other every day, something we will never stop.
We do occasionally drop some people, the ones idle day after day.
But because we love our team so much, is the reason we love to play.
We continue to come together,
to collect the almighty perks.
For a team as great as ours,
It’s the comradery that makes it work.
So team even on the weeks that we just can’t seem to make headway,
Remember we still have each other, Happy Valentines Day.

Club Molokai
by Melissa D.

From Rookies to Legends players are grouped from one to twenty five.
Playing a card game that is live.
Team Molokia is newly formed but rated number one in gold.
Playing for positions and seeking the top spot to hold.
Raquel, Lisa, Jackie, Lee, Deanne, Danielle, Mom, Lily & Di are but
a few of the gang that add fun to my day.
We laugh, tease and joke between serious play.
Friendly competitiveness among the team…
baiting and egging each other on it would seem.
Together, we strive to reach the top, chasing poi, collecting
tributes and waiting for coin.
Inviting new members and waiting on them to join.
Looking to create an oasis of fun.
Where every member knows they are number one!
As leader, I feel blessed.
To lead a team that is the Best!

Awesome Warrior
by Zoe Z.

Our team works hard – we complete all perks.
Our team is Awesome – together we work.
Competitive but friendly & encouraging to each other.
We won’t be leaving – we depend on one another.
Happy Valentine’s Day Awesome Warrior!

Tiki Garden
by Jasmin C.

I love partaking in tiki garden
My heart is in full bloom
with love for tiki garden
This love i have will not be doomed
Nor harden Please come and
Water each petal with a game of tiki
we met in tiki garden
I was empty
I was filled with many thorns And was lonely
My fellow tiki gardeners
I needed your care so much
My fellow gardeners
Please follow your dreams
And love each other
with so much love in our club
I wish you all a happy valentines

Just Playin’
by Lowell G.

I really love my team,
“Just Playing” is our theme,
Our leader is the best,
Though she doesn’t get much rest,
Cause she stays on her toes,
To see who stays, or who goes,
Newbie’s must follow the rules,
Or this team they’ll surely lose!
That’s why I love my group, that comes from all around,
Cause we’re the nicest bunch, that can ever be found!

Beautiful Life
by Sarah J.

Our Club is like a family,
A beautiful mess it is,
We all like to act crazy,
And play like a solitaire whiz,
To each and every one of you,
I just want to say this,
I’m so glad we have each other,
I blow you all a big kiss!! 💋

Two for Dolphin Sands
by Kimerly B.

Our team is family, we see each other through.
Through good times and bad, funny or sad, there is nothing we can’t do.
We love our leader dearly, she makes life a lot less dreary.
Dolphin Sands is here to stay, and we are legendary!

Dolphin Sands
How I love you
With Glitter Britches and Nanner Hammock, and crazy horse people too
Making the game fun to play each and every day
What would I do without my Dolphin Sands crew?
Probably go nuts, from too much Caillou

The Perky Tiki’s
by Cyndi H.

To play TriPeaks Solitaire our group does adore
Though the wave cards we simply abhor
Slinging cards like Houdini
We rack up high scores routinely
Lamenting if we only had Perky Tiki’s once more!

by Philomena K.

I love my club, “No Jerks ;)”.
We work so hard for perks.
We help and chat.
We never spat,
And share some gifts,
Just like that!
“No Jerks ;)” is really fine!
I’m thrilled they are my Valentine!
So I offer them this tribute,
And hope they find it cute. ❤️

Poem for Iron Throne

My league the Iron Throne
Comes right into my home
They are all like family
The kindness that they have shown
Always giving me some coins to play
Knowing I’ll go through them in one day
Where would I be without their love
No doubt they’ve been sent from God above
So on this Happy Valentine
I’ll express my love and pray in kind
That the game that makes us connected will again
Shower their gifts because we know you can

Hey, Team Kagoland, Hey
by April S.

Hey team Kagoland, Hey!!!
Hey team Kagoland, Hey!!!
Oh we’re on fire,
We’re on fire…
We’re gonna win this fight,
Cause we’re WINNERS!!!

Tripeaks Madness
by Cicillia C.

Every day and every night
Winners Inc. keeps up the fight.
A solid team is what we are,
Being platinum first is never too far.

We’re challenged and we’re pumped,
But those darn levels leave us stumped.
We play until our heads drop,
Even then, we just don’t stop.

Our team keeps the Volcano cool,
Collecting Tributes is our rule
Yes, Winners Inc. is our name,
Getting to number one is our game.

Sending love from my heart
But oh! A Club Quest is about to start!
Off we go now to collect red stars
After all… we ARE the TriPeaks Solitaire czars

Play E.R. Klub
by Royal Z.

There once was a geek named Fleek
Who felt she couldn’t play at her peak
Her old club didn’t get it
So Fleek said “Aw, forget it”
Form your own special club that you seek

‘Play E.R. Klub’, yes, was so very new
Just one member, then 2, then a few
Til in solidarity, old mates sought her out
“Not without us! We want in too!” they’d all shout
Love and support from friends.. a definite DO

(Dedicated to Play E.R. Klub, Est January 25, 2019. Club Leader: FleekGeek
Started with myself, and 11 members who blindly left a Platinum League Club to join me on Rookie level in a very special, very true show of support. New additions to the Club will come and go, but us 12…. no words. I love my PERK Family!)

We Love our Club
by Linsey J.

We started our Club JLT
In August 18, Lynne and me.
With fun and with laughter
We’re friends ever after
And our team has become family!