Player Ghost Stories: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

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We hope you’re sitting down for this one! She lived in what used to be the jail portion of a police station. There always seemed to be some scary goings on, but when tragedy hit, suddenly a new entity made its way into the home.

1. What is your name? 

My name is Hebah

2. Are you in a Club? If so, which one? 

I’m a co-leader of Ocean Dweller.

3. Who’s your favorite Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks character? 

I’d have to say my favorite character is Pele because she brings the goods and a little bit of much needed serotonin at the end of the week.

4. Excellent choice! Now tell us your story!

I have always been really sensitive to the paranormal. I grew up in a large city in the south island of New Zealand and my childhood home had some history that led to some serious activity.

It used to be prison cells connected to a police house that were eventually separated into two separate properties. When I used to live there, we used to hear people walking around frequently and see shadows through the screen sliding doors that connected the living room to the dining room area.

Weird things happened a lot. One day all of the taps turned on at full, and I just ran from the house out of fear.

At one point a close friend of our family, who had stayed with us for a short time at one point, had hung herself while my mother was at her home and my mum was the one to find her. A few nights afterwards I felt somebody sit down on my bed and when I looked up, she was there, talking about things we should do the next day with her toddler daughter and I sat there crying and terrified because I knew she was gone. We lost flat mates who had stayed in what ended up becoming my mum’s bedroom due to a female entity standing at the end of their bed. I was terrified at night always, especially of the cupboard above my wardrobe and I had it blue-tacked shut, but it would occasionally open up wide at night.

Below you’ll find a snapshot that my online friends had captured while we were on webcam. It was taken when I was out of the room in the bathroom. There is zero logical explanation of how that figure could have been there. Directly in front of my computer was a window and I was the only one at home at the time. Something was clearly there.

5. Would you say this experience changed your life? 

Yes, definitely.

6. Would you want to have the experience again?

i would never want to have those experiences again, no. Never. They were deeply traumatizing.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

i just wish if i were to experience paranormal activity again, I’d want it to be from my Papa. He passed when I turned 21, and it’s been really hard I just want to know he’s okay and happy.