Player Ghost Stories: I Guess He Wasn’t Ready to Leave…

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Moving to a new home is always a pretty major event, even if you move around frequently. There’s a lot of uncertainty: Will you like your neighbors? Will you make friends? What will the weather be like? Will you get enough candy on Halloween? Well, nothing intensifies that experience like moving into a house only to discover a previous owner isn’t quite ready to leave…

1. What is your name?

Nancy, aka My Frog Prince

2. Are you in a Club? If so, which one?

Yes. The Looney Bin

3. Who’s your favorite Solitaire TriPeaks character?

The dancing Mini Tikis

4. Okay… now tell us your story…

When I was in 7th grade we moved from Virginia to South Carolina. It was a nice 2 story house on a farm in the country.

One afternoon, I was home alone and a man came inside the white board fence and walked around the yard. Our doors were locked so I just stayed put.

Another afternoon my younger brother and I were watching TV and the same man was walking around in the yard. When we tried to get a better look at him, he disappeared.

A few nights later a friend was spending the night as we studied for exams. I was putting my leg into my pajama bottoms when that same man came up the steps, around the railing and went into the library. My friend noticed I was frozen and that I had turned as white as a sheet, so she ran down stairs and got my mother. They came back upstairs. Mom asked me what was wrong and I said “He went in the library.” Now here’s the thing – there was only one door into the library (the only window was painted shut) and I had been staring, watching for him to come out. He never did and Mom found no one in the library.

Later my mom started researching the history of the house. It turns out that a previous owner had been killed in a car wreck years before on the date I saw the man come upstairs. To this day I can see and describe him perfectly. Also people told mom the lights would turn on in the house even when the electricity had been disconnected.

5. Would you say this experience changed your life? If so, how so?

YES! That was just the first of many encounters over the years – in other houses, in other towns that left me terribly shaken.

6. Would you want to have the experience again?

No. I don’t want to see nor experience any more tragedies and the after effects.

7. Is there anything else you’d to add?

It’s one thing to see a ghost outside, but it’s unnerving when the ghost actually comes inside.