Player Ghost Stories: The Best of the Rest!

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For the month of October, Solitaire TriPeaks players have been sending in their ghost stories. We’ve featured four of some of the best ones, but we have a few more that seem to haunt us… So, we’ve decided to go ahead and showcase the best stories from many of the submissions we’ve received.

We hope you enjoy them!

My daddy died when I was just 11. He was a mechanic had bought a hearse before he died. The day we buried him the house was full of family and friends. Our house was only four rooms – two downstairs and two upstairs. So all the kids slept in one room upstairs and the adults slept in the other. We all went to bed that evening and at about 2 o’clock in the morning suddenly there were lights shining through the window where the kids slept. My sister and I got up and looked out the window to see that it was my dad‘s hearse.

We went to tell her mom that the headlights are on so she told us to go back to bed and she would have somebody turn them off.

One of the family friends ran outside and turned off the lights. About 10 minutes later the horn starts blowing. So my mom had a friend go back outside and he disconnected the battery from the post. The next thing we know the horn is blowing again. So mom has her friend go back out again and brings the battery in the house. A few minutes later the lights are flickering off, then on, and the horn is honking again.

So, of course, now all six of us kids are freaking out because we know the battery is in the house and horns and lights don’t work without a battery. My mom finally hollers “Donnie!”, my dad‘s name, “We will all be fine please stop with the horn and the lights we need to go to sleep!” That was it – the lights and the horns did not come on again. Unfortunately, my mom got rid of the hearse the next day.


I worked for a school district for years on the midnight shift. I was at a fairly new school building (about 5 years old) doing maintenance of the heating systems. I worked alone most nights. It was around 2 AM, which was my lunch time, so I went into the library to grab something to read while I ate.

All of a sudden I started to hear strange scratching noises. Couldn’t figure what they were from and just shrugged it off. Got a magazine and went into the teachers lounge to eat. Started to hear the scratching noises in the lounge and said out loud “If you want me to leave, give me a sign!” As soon as I was done saying that, I heard something drop in the vending machine. Walked over to it and in the tray was a bag of Cheetos. I grabbed the Cheetos, said “Thank you, see ya later” I put the magazine back, set the alarm, and left the school. Went back to the same school many times after that but never heard the noise again nor did I ever get another free bag of Cheetos.


When I was in middle school we had a Ouija board in our house. I don’t know about you, but because of my experience with it I believe they are evil. My mom never touched the triangle when we played with it, I checked, I looked with my own eyes because I thought she was moving it because it flew across the board giving you answers to your questions so fast. Her fingers were above the triangle almost like floating.

It told my mom he loved her, and when asked who it was, it said he was the devil. We asked him to send us a sign. He agreed.  We asked what his sign would be. He told us “half man… half woman.” Soon our doorbell rang and guess who was at our door? A man dressed up as a woman. Scary. I asked how many times would I be married and he said twice. I disagreed, said “once!” and again he told me twice. I got married at 19, too young, and ended up divorced and married at 25 again. And have been very happy for 39 years. One more thing it told my mom is that one of her children would have twins, but would not tell her which one. That would be me. I  had twins when I  was 32 years old. There were so many other incidents with this board that my mom finally came to the conclusion that it was evil and she did not want it in our house anymore, so she threw it in the trash. To this day I will not allow one in my house or play with one. I agree with her, it was evil.


When I was 12 I lived on a farm with my family.  There’s an old shearing shed just up the hill. I used to collect the sheep poo from under the floor as a chore because it’s great for the garden.

So, one day I’m there, you have to take out a section of the floor and get in the hole, so I’m shoveling the poop into a bag, and I see someone walk past the open doorway. This was strange because I didn’t hear them and no one else was supposed to be up at the shed so I got out of the hole and went looking around. I couldn’t find them so I went back and saw the cover had been placed back over the hole. I was a bit freaked out because I know I didn’t do it and there was no one else that I saw at the shed.

Anyway I got back to the job at hand because I thought I was just imaging things. Then I heard someone behind me, I turned and looked and there was an old man standing there that I had never seen before, then he was just gone, as if he had never been there at all. I freaked out and packed up and left.

A few months later I was at my Nonna’s for a family lunch and she had put out a new picture, it was a much younger version of the man I saw up at the shed. Turns out it was her husband, he was the one who built up the farm, the houses, the shed, all of it.


I was on honeymoon in Italy. We stayed by Lake Como and had an amazing room overlooking the lake. It was so warm and still – the lake looked like a mirror. We were having a wonderful romantic time feeling relaxed and sleeping well.

One morning, very early, I became aware of someone in our room although I wasn’t quite awake. I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful lady sitting at the dressing table brushing her hair. She was not quite there, meaning it was only an apparition not a full in color person. She got up from the table and walked to my husband’s side of the bed and pressed down on the bed while looking at him. I could feel the bed pressed down on his side. My husband obviously felt this as he said my name. He opened his eyes but she disappeared.
I don’t remember my heart ever beating so fast and she was in there for at least a few minutes. We changed for breakfast and went downstairs. We saw the hotel manager and told him what I had seen. He went a bit pale and told us that a few years ago a honeymooning couple had stayed in that room and very sadly the husband had drowned. The wife was so distraught that she took an overdose a couple of days later and was found at the dressing table in the same room.  So sad. Was she looking at my husband to see if he was hers?

In 1970 my girlfriend and I bought an upright cabinet TV in a thrift store for $8.00. We had it in our bedroom but never watched it for almost a month. We went to bed one night and after the light was out the TV screen flashed.
We both sat up and looked at each other. Then it flashed again and it looked like a silhouette of a person on the screen, not clear and very fuzzy. We looked at each other with our mouths gaping in awe. There was another couple whom shared the house with us and we called them to come look. It flashed about 3 more times and each time the pause was shorter.
So, finally, I said are you a ghost? The screen flashed. I asked if it was their TV and nothing. So my girlfriend said “Flash once for yes and twice for no.” It flashed once. We asked “Are you a man?” It flashed twice. By asking more questions we determined if was a woman and her husband beat her often. I asked if he killed her and it flashed several times. We all freaked out and I ran over to unplug it and it wasn’t plugged in.

We slept in the living room that night and dumped the tv off at another thrift store with our hair on our arms still feeling like it was standing up. The truth I swear.

On 2/5/19, sometime between 2:30 and 5:45AM, a weird thing happened.

Stepping back to the previous evening, we were with my son and his family at their home for dinner.  Somehow, the topic of the very large framed sampler hanging in my own hallway came up.  A sampler is a piece of embroidery or cross-stitching made to demonstrate an achievement. My daughter-in-law asked if that was the project that my doctor, after the death of my first husband, had asked me to do, to remind me later in life that I had accomplished something important to me during a difficult time.

I laughingly told her yes, I had dragged my feet on it, and then told her about how once I had even almost quit. I told her how I was visiting my mother and stepfather, with the kids, and had taken it with me.  During the course of the visit, I had gotten one stitch off, in the complex border, and had to take out hours of work, in order to correct it.  I laughed again and said it was so stressful being around my rather difficult mother, that I had been unwise to bring that type of work with me.

Keep in mind that I never discuss that sampler; why would I?  It’s been 20 years since I finished it; I spent a large sum to have it professionally matted and framed, had hung it, and that was that, other than dusting it regularly.

That night we came home from being with my grown children, and went to bed.

I have insomnia, so I woke around midnight, and was awake until about 2:30.  Walked down the hall, past the sampler, to get water.  Went back to sleep, and was awakened by my husband’s alarm going off at 5:45.

He got out of bed first, and was on his way down the hall to start the coffee. I heard him stop in the hallway and say, “OH!”  When I asked him what was wrong, he told me not to come out in bare feet.

When I walked out, there was that very same sampler, face down on the floor, with shattered shards of glass EVERYWHERE!

We had a time keeping the dogs away and getting it cleaned up, and my husband took it that very day to have it reframed, etc., and it is back in place.

NEITHER OF US, NEITHER OF THE DOGS heard a thing.  My schnauzer and I are extremely light sleepers; also, it fell on hard floor, not carpet. NO ONE HEARD A THING.  There are no dragging or ripping marks where it had been hanging.  It was as if it had been lifted, then dropped.

So yes, I have no trouble believing there are things we cannot explain.  My daughter said, “If there is one person who would come back and shove your sampler off the wall, it’s Grandma.”