Player Tributes: Justzlove Honors BJ from Tiki Serious!

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It’s been a heartwarming two months hearing players pay tribute to other players! We wrap up this series with an “Ode to BJ”, a recent retiree who, according to Justzlove, has discovered a way of leading that turned this Club into more than just a Club, she turned it into a family.

1. What is your name?

I go by Justzlove.

2. What is the name of the person deserving recognition?

The person I am recognizing is BJ.

3. How do you know BJ?

I met BJ, Leader of TIKI SERIOUS, about a year ago when I was in search of a new team. Choosing this team was the best decision I ever made, it’s more than a team – we are a family.

4. Why do you feel she deserves recognition?

BJ is more than a Leader, she demonstrates all the characteristic of being a coach, a spearhead and she embodies what it means to be a part of something wonderful.

5. If you were at an awards show, handing her a “Golden Tiki” for her amazing work as a Solitaire TriPeaks player, what would you say?

I present to you not only a Leader, but BJ leads by example. She is an active team player, she demonstrates leadership through compassion, caring, and her willingness to inspire. Each team has established goals and rules, however, BJ creates relationships with all of her team members. She is the first to notice when someone is need of a little encouragement, or even a smile.

6. And what joke would you tell?

I would say, if you are ever in need of a smile, or a warm embrace close your eyes and know BJ is already hugging you.

7. If you could have BJ come visit you for a day, where would you take them and what would you do?

Living in this new world of Covid, I would be so honored to give BJ a piece of Greensboro, NC, history and take her to a good southern eatery.

8. What else do you know about BJ?

BJ retired this summer, and she shared her excitement with each of us with a large gift package. She loves her family and her dogs.

9. Are you both in the same TriPeaks Club?

Yes I am so honored to be a part of TIKI SERIOUS family.

10. Any final words you’d like to share with the rest of the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

Presenting BJ with this honor would be just a small token of so much that she gives each of her team members. She brightens the journey of playing the game, she see’s strength in every player, even when make tough decisions, she looks at the whole of a player.

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