Punch Up or Down with the Kangaroo Card in Tiki: Outback!

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How’d you like a little punch with your cards? You will this time! Introducing the latest Booster, the Kangaroo Card!

The beauty of this Booster is in its simplicity. When the game begins, you’ll notice a funny little fellow decked out in boxing garb. He’s our boxing kangaroo, ready and waiting to help us win games!

As you draw cards from the stockpile, you’ll notice the Kangaroo Card filling. You’ll need to draw 3 cards in-a-row to activate the Booster:

It’s important to remember that if you play the card that you’ve just drawn before the Kangaroo Card is activated, it will be reset. So, if you draw two cards, you’ll see that you’re 2/3rds of the way to activation. But if you play that card you’ve just drawn, the Kangaroo Card will be reset and you’ll have to start over.

Once the Kangaroo Card is active, it will remain so until you use it or finish the game.

When you are ready to use it, you’ll command this helpful marsupial to either increase or decrease your card value by one by tapping either “+1” or “-1” on the card. In the example below, the kangaroo can punch this 6 UP into a 7, or DOWN into a 5:

And once you’ve made your decision? Enjoy the punch: 

Also, once the Kangaroo Card is active, you can use it after you’ve played cards on the board as well! So if you play a 5, a 6, then a 7, and there’s another 7 left, you can punch that card down to a six, and play that last 7!

This booster is very simple, and can really help you win games, so try to remember to use it when you can. Not only can it help you score, it lets that punch-loving kangaroo do what he loves the most!