Solitaire TriPeaks General Manager, Jaim, Answers Your Questions!

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Aloha, everyone!

I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and grateful for the chance to share whatever I can with all of you. Before we dive into the questions, I just want to say a few quick things on behalf of the entire Solitaire TriPeaks team…

The first and most important thing is to thank you all for playing our game. We know how lucky we are to have such great, passionate players. We see it in the emails you write, the Facebook posts and surveys you respond to and even in the clever ways you find to work together as Clubs. Many of us have worked on games in the past that didn’t have this level of support from its players, but you guys really make it fun for us to come to work everyday trying to improve this Island playground paradise for all of you. It’s challenging, motivating, and rewarding for us to try to make sure you all keep having fun in the world of Tiki & Poi.

Secondly, thank you all for taking the time out to send your questions in. Not just for this Q&A, but every day, in the various ways you send them. I know sometimes it might feel like some of it falls on deaf ears, but it doesn’t. We’re a fairly small team as mobile game teams go (around 40 people total) and our Player Services and Community team members do a great job surfacing your ideas, suggestions, complaints and issues to the rest of the team. We may not always be able to respond or address your issue as fast as we’d like to, but we do listen and prioritize our time based on what’s going to unlock more fun for all of you. Sometimes that’s a new feature, but often it’s just removing an annoyance or explaining something better.

A final note on that.. over the last year or so, we’ve added many new things to the game to try to amp up the fun and give you more interesting things to do in the game. Based on what we hear from you, and the growth of the game, it sure seems like we managed to do that. We do have some more new tricks up our sleeve, but I want you all to know that we are shifting more of our time and energy now to these things we know have been nagging folks for a while, like Free Plays not paying out the same as when you use Coins to play a level (now fixed!), app crashes, improving tools for Clubs and Club Organizers, and ensuring all the levels pay out properly. Those are just a few examples, but the bottom line is we appreciate everyone’s patience on some of these things. And you can now expect to see better and faster fixes from us than before on the important things that are already in the game that you use and play every day.

OK! Without further ado, let’s get to the questions, shall we?

Hi Big Kahuna,

Can it be set up so organizers can create a message that goes to the inbox so everyone sees the week’s directive? Currently, we’re only able to communicate in chat and in the Club description and motto which 50% of members don’t read!


Hi Gene!

We know it’s a little challenging to coordinate within your Clubs right now and we are looking into ways to make that easier. Giving organizers a way to directly message players (via Inbox or something similar) is just one of the things we’re looking at. We’d like to make chat more useful as well (see the next question/answer for more on that) but organizers shouldn’t have to rely just on chat and the Club motto for this. Thanks for the great suggestion, and thanks for being a great, diligent organizer for your Club. Without folks like you, Clubs wouldn’t be the fun experience they are for so many players today. We really appreciate you, and know that your Club members do, too.


I love your game, Solitaire TriPeaks! I know it must have been and is a lot of work to present it to us. Thank you!

I have been asking this same question for nearly ten months now: Why don’t you put a sign, labeled “Chat here” and pointing to that Chat arrow, somewhere in the game?

As an organizer, I have had to delete over 300 players because they never responded to any posts in chat or follow our Club directions. For whatever reason, they do not see the chat arrow. They don’t go into the Clubhouse either. You have tied our hands. Thousands, tens of thousands of players are being kicked out of Clubs not knowing why they were removed. They are angry, maybe they won’t play again. We organizers feel badly because we boot them. Many of those players got great points but were never on the Club Perk!

Just look, there are thousands of Clubs where no one ever chats, the only posts there are game generated.

How about it? Please put up a Chat sign with an arrow pointing to the chat arrow. How about a Chat island? Something, please? Please? Please? With a cherry on top? Please?

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask you. Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards,
Susan Murphy
Organizer of “Susan’s”

Hi Susan,

We’re really glad you’re having fun in TriPeaks. It is fun for us to create as well, but hearing that is exactly the kind of thing that keeps us going!

We definitely can improve the way we call attention to the chat. It could be much more useful for coordinating within your Club than it is today. I think we can do a better job teaching folks who are new to Clubs where to find the chat, but we can also do a better job catching folk’s attention with the indicator that there are new chat messages to see. When we originally decided to add chat to the game, we were trying to be sensitive to the fact that it’s important for you to be able to access it while playing levels, and we didn’t want the little indicator to be too much of a distraction. We originally planned on doing our red exclamation point badge thing (that I’m sure you all know so well) and decided against it because it was distracting for us when we play-tested it. However, I think we can work up a creative solution that will make it more noticeable without being too distracting while you’re focusing on clearing cards. Thanks for the great suggestion!

I get you have words that are censored – fair play to that. But why is the word/name “Kat” blocked? It’s not a rude word in any language. I want to use this as my username but can’t. I was initially using this name when I started, then i changed as a temporary measure and the problem started when i want to change it back.

Can you resolve this?

Yes, we can! The chat filter word list is definitely in need of some clean-up. We do tweak things regularly when we hear of issues (like this), but we’re also planning a pretty substantial overhaul in the next few weeks, and we’ll be asking players in the community for their suggestions on what to improve so we can include those in the overhaul.


Let me start by saying thank you! I love this game! One of the things I would like to know is when is the problem with the low Coins/points is going to be fixed? I know it was addressed before but not resolved.

Also, how come in Treasure Shrine it always says to look for free Medallions, but I have never seen any? And why does the Medallion bounce off of the bucket instead of actually going in and letting me win the 1,000,000 Coins? That has happened to me several times and I don’t think it’s fair to have a prize that is impossible to win. How come we get fewer points/coins when using free plays? How come we can’t buy Golden Tiki cards? How come Volcano Cards aren’t included in Chests or Perks? How come we can’t hold Free Plays to use at our own discretion? Why is Perk 6 SO hard? My Club is always at least in the top 500, but we rarely finish all of the Perks because 6 still takes us 3 days!  How come we can’t see how many points are required to finish each Perk? I think that would make it easier and maybe motivate people to get perks done faster, if they knew their goal. Why is it that the Quests are back to back? If they could be more spread out it would be more of an incentive to play all day. Is there a way to make a Facebook page for our Club? I have inquired about this before only to be told my question would be sent to the proper department, but never answered. Lastly, how come we can only share 3k each on FB once per day? Not much help really. Not a lot of people want to be FB friends with Club members, with whom they would otherwise never know, just to get a few coins.

I really hope to receive some answers to my questions! I’m sure other people have similar questions. I’m sure mine will be the longest, lol…. I’m sorry. Had to ask all at once and be thorough… Thank you for your time.


Hey Chrissie!

Thanks for writing in. You managed to compile a pretty good list of questions, including ones that came up a lot in the questions other folks sent in. Let me try to tackle these as best I can, because I think you’re right, they’ll be helpful for lots of people! You’ll be glad to know that you did, in fact, submit the longest question. The Big Kahuna applauds your ambition and thoroughness. 😉 Also, please forgive said Kahuna for paraphrasing your questions:

When are coins/points going to be fixed? If this is about the times when you win a game and don’t win enough coins to cover your entry cost, we ARE working on this. It’s a little tricky to get right (because your payout can fluctuate a lot based on the bonuses you get and the individual level) but this IS in progress now. This will take a while to work through, but it is in the works. For what it’s worth, this happens on about 5% of wins.

Where are the free Treasure Shrine Medallions and why won’t the Medallion just bounce into the jackpot slot already? You’re going to start seeing the Medallions be awarded (in chests, etc.) now that everyone has Treasure Shrine! As for the unlucky bounces in Treasure Shrine… I empathize (it happens to me, too!) but it can happen on any slot (not just the jackpot one) and is part of the physics we built into the game. If the Treasure Shrine was a real contraption we built, it’d happen there, too. Keep on trying, and with more Medallions being given away as rewards, you should get more chances. We have about 4 jackpot winners per day, so it IS possible!

Why are the Coin payouts lower when using a Free Play? This is now changed for everyone. You’ll get the same payouts now regardless (which should also greatly reduce the instances of the game paying out less than 3000 Coins for a win, most of the time this was when using a Free Play). However, we used to reduce the Coin cost of 5 more cards when you used a Free Play, and we removed that as well. So it’ll be the same payouts and more cards cost now regardless. The free play only removes the Coin cost to play the level (as the Tiki gods intended!).

How come we can’t buy Golden Tiki cards? Actually, you can. A Golden Tiki card works exactly the same as a Wild Card. We just make it a Golden Tiki when it’s dealt to you.

How come Volcano Cards aren’t included in Chests? Something tells me you’ll start to see these before too long.

Can we hold our Free Plays to use when we want? We’re looking at this, too. It’s a very common request I’d like to see us find a way to allow. We have to figure out a way to keep them from being exploited, and fit in a way for you to access your collection of them from the pre-game screen.

Why is Perk 6 so hard?! We try to set up the Perks each week so that they’re a good mix of being both achievable and challenging, but also ensuring the rewards that are really worth trying hard for, regardless of how active your Club is. That means we need a really tough one (or two, when we do an extra Perk) to keep the very top Clubs on their toes and being challenged. We try to make it so that whether your Club typically completes 2 Perks or all of them, you’re getting worthwhile daily Perks and Treasure Chests that are helpful and worth your extra effort chasing Tributes and playing more levels. It IS a challenge to keep the balance with such a broad range of Clubs, and is something we are constantly tinkering with. I can tell you that the team members who decide these every week care VERY much about keeping it fun and challenging for everyone. They take your feedback very seriously and use a dizzying amount of data to learn how best to do this, but it is an ongoing process. You guys adapt really fast to our changes and you always surprise us!

Why not show the Club points needed for each Perk? You can blame me for this one. Our team has debated this many, many times since we introduced Perks and we’re pretty split on whether to do this. One of the “perks” of being the head of the studio (see what I did there?) is that I get to cast the rare tie-breaking vote and I keep voting against it. The reason: I’ve done this in a previous job and it was actually de-motivating for the majority of people and they stopped enjoying what was previously a very popular (and similar) feature. We’re always trying to learn from our previous successes (and mistakes!) so we’re looking into alternative ways to give you a better sense of what’s required without reducing it to a simple number of Club points. This is a popular request, though, so if we can’t come up with something better soon, we may just give it a try.

Why are Quests back-to-back and not spread out? This is because we want you to almost always have a Quest available to work towards while you’re playing away (although we do have a daily cap to keep folks from burning out). What we try to do is vary the amount of time you have for each Quest so you aren’t always pressured into doing one that doesn’t give you much time (we recognize we can’t have your attention 24/7). One option we have discussed is giving folks a way to “skip” or pause a quest so you can take a Quest break, or go focus on something else in the game for a bit (i.e. – chase Tributes for a bit). I’d be curious to hear feedback from all of you on whether you think that would be a worthwhile thing to do. It would definitely give you more control over the Quests and when you want to work on them.

Can we create a Facebook page for our Club? Yes! Check out Facebook’s Groups feature. It’s a great way to do this, and a number of Clubs already do it. The only downside is that all your Club members need to have Facebook accounts for you to include everyone from your Club in the group (and some people just aren’t into the whole Facebook thing).

How come we only get 3,000 coins per share with our Friends? This is a great question. When we first started the “help” features for Facebook friends this was the simplest way to go. 1 friend = 1 free level, end of story. Truth is, we’ve tested other Coin amounts and found it didn’t really do much. That got us thinking that maybe we should re-vamp the entire system so that you could potentially get things other than coins (Wilds, Free Plays, Medallions, etc.) and maybe get help from friends you have in TriPeaks that aren’t necessarily on Facebook. We’ve looked at a few different ways to improve this and I definitely think we can make this more rewarding and fun for everyone than it is today. We haven’t started the work just yet, but keep an eye out for improvements to the helping system in the game in the not-too-distant future.


What’s up with not getting free Coins for watching commercials? I don’t even get the ones in my Rewards and my teammates don’t have this problem. I was told by your game personnel that there’s there won’t always be videos to watch, but not true!


Hi Noreen,

We’re actually looking into awarding some Coins for the “brought to you by” ads you see between levels. I kinda wish we had done that from the beginning, but we like to try things and adapt to what you all like and don’t like. I think the feelings on this one are pretty loud and clear, some Coins for your time would be better. Thanks for the great question.

P.S. – If you don’t see the option to watch an ad video for Coins in your inbox, it’s most likely because you dismissed that inbox item (without watching the ad) a few times in a row a while back. When you dismiss it several times in a row, we make it go away for a while so as not to pester you with it constantly. It should come back again after a few weeks. If you then watch instead of dismiss it, you should start seeing it again regularly. You can also always go to the Free Coins menu (bottom right button on your map) and access the same ads for Coins from there.