THE RESULTS ARE IN! See Who Won the 2019 Solitaire TriPeaks Halloween Contest!

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Well, well, well… you’ve dared to come back for more, have you? Well, good for you – we think you’ll enjoy this. The 2019 Solitaire TriPeaks Halloween Contest is over, and we have winners to announce!

But before we do – we must thank each and every person who took the time to participate. We had over 150 entrants, and so many of them very good, it made the judging portion tough. We recruited a number of judges from within the TriPeaks studio to spend their Friday afternoon recovering from sugar overload and judging the various entries in this year’s contest. This was no easy task, as so many of them were outstanding (including “Out – standing in her field”). See them all in the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum! We enjoyed it, no doubt, but when it came down to the final finals, there were some hard decisions and a bit of internal bickering (mostly around cats versus dogs, but we digress).

BEHOLD – for HERE IS THE LIST OF WINNERS! If you have won, please remember that in the rules we gave ourselves PLENTY of time to get you your rewards. That said, you should have them by the end of next week.  Without further adieu – here they are!


FIRST PLACE: Vanna, “Taken Today”









SECOND PLACE: Lauren_Buckman, “Dead Bride”









THIRD PLACE: Trishalina “Zip Me Up”








FIRST PLACE: Alison_Silves “The House Landed on Me!”









SECOND PLACE: Alicia 0527 “Nerds Dressed as Nerds”









THIRD PLACE: Claire_Haley “Pennywise’s Balloon”


FIRST PLACE: Tjzkj: “Ace of Hearts”

SECOND PLACE: Pscham “Witch Doctors”

THIRD PLACE: Shaunna67 “Big Kahuna on Big Barrier Reef”


FIRST PLACE: Carolezahnow, “Hungry Kitty Wants Fish”

SECOND PLACE: Krothwell, “Bosco Beanie Baby”


Tracyhayeshenning, “Trumpkitty”

Pinupcats, “Smeagol in a Bikini”


FIRST PLACE: Dana_Nosal “Finger Food Cake Pops”

SECOND PLACE: Muffy “Skull and Brains Cakes”

THIRD PLACE: Marcia115 “Veggie Skeletiki”


FIRST PLACE: Rebecca_Winkler, “Pirates of the Caribbean” 

SECOND PLACE: Connie7230 “My Halloween House”

THIRD PLACE: Alidewey1977 “Quick, Get Rid of the Body!”