There’s a New Chief in Town! Meet Chief Roko and His Butterfly Vault

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Strange things have been happening on the Islands these days. The tides have been changing, rumors have been stirring, and Poi has been restless, as if a mischievous presence was headed our way… 

In case you missed it — Chief Roko has arrived! 

Chief Roko is a mischievous, fun-loving leader, adored by all the Islanders (well, almost all of them…), and he’s waiting for you on the latest island to be discovered — Jungle Jamboree! We’ve got lots of new levels for you to conquer, and Chief Roko has brought along a new challenge: the Butterfly Vault.

Chief Roko uses his mischief-making powers to set Butterfly Vaults on the game board, and you must use your cards to clear them and release the butterflies. But watch out! The value of the Butterfly Vault card gets higher or lower with every turn, so you’ll have to use your strategic skills (and wish for a bit of luck) to clear them all! 

(Psst! Don’t tell Chief Roko we’re sharing this, but rumor has it that once you release the butterfly, you can tap on it to win extra Coins…)

Want to meet this mysterious mischief-maker? You’ll have to reach him on the new Jungle Jamboree Island to see him for yourself!