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THE RESULTS ARE IN! Marina’s paintings have been named, and she is happier than she ever imagined herself to be!

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered! We had over 3200 responses! Our team of many judges combed through the responses and voted for the ones they thought were the best, in First, Second and Third place order. There were so many great ones, it made this task most difficult. In the few cases where a submission was entered twice, we chose the player who entered the title first. Winners are named by their Solitaire TriPeaks Forum name.

And now for the results! Below you’ll find the painting, and the First, Second and Third place winners named right underneath the painting!


FIRST PLACE: Fire and Nice (Shannua67)

SECOND PLACE: Mind Meld (SuzieQ1)

THIRD PLACE: He Said/She Said (Mary_Aspacher)


FIRST PLACE: Time to Play (Tracie_Carpenter)

SECOND PLACE: Time Warp (Robin_Piehuta)

THIRD PLACE: The Persistence of Plunder Bay (Jaime_Goevert)


FIRST PLACE: Pop Art Pele (Jaime_Goevert)

SECOND PLACE: True Colours (Cathy_Dorham)

THIRD PLACE: Phases of Fire (Mary_Rodgers_Walker)


FIRST PLACE: Meet Me Where Tiki Skies Meets Tiki Shores (Diana_Burrell-Shipto)

SECOND PLACE: TriPeak Sonata (Lori_Mayo)

THIRD PLACE: Low Tide Treasures (JDB)


FIRST PLACE: Hare No Evil, Shell No Evil, Sea No Evil (Lou_Hoo)

SECOND PLACE:  Some Bunny’s Watching (Dawn_Piza)

THIRD PLACE: Unhoppy (Deborah_Lynn)


FIRST PLACE: Life is a Shellabration (Sharon_Harris)

SECOND PLACE: Jungle Down Under (SweetPea6)

THIRD PLACE: With a Little Kelp from My Friends (Mamasues1425)

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Look for your prizes within the next 7 days! Also – check the email account associated with your Forum account in case we need to contact you!