Your Treasure Match Guide!

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Treasure Match in Solitaire TriPeaks is not only a fun way to earn some sweet prizes, but it’s a great way to sharpen your memory.

Look for Treasure Match in the middle-left portion of the main screen:

Once you tap the Treasure Match icon, you’ll see your own treasure map for the Treasure Match:

Work through 3 match games and get a sweet Wood Chest full of prizes. Work through all six and receive a sweeter Diamond Chest filled with even more prizes.

Playing the Treasure Match is no easy feat, unless you happen to have one of those memories the rest of us envy. You’re given an initial peek at a few of the tiles on the board which, if you can remember where they are, should help you as you attempt to clear them all. You’re only given a set number of tries before the game is over, so any hints help!

It can take practice to memorize where the tiles are, so don’t give up! The more you play, the more adept you become at memorizing where certain tiles lie, and the game does become easier.

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