A New Event has Arrived!

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The new Scavenger Hunt is here – Tiki needs your help finding his Lost Cards!

Tiki’s Lost Cards can be found throughout the Islands. To find them, tap the icon on the left of your screen! This will take you to a level that holds some of Tiki’s Lost Cards. 

You can always find Tiki’s Lost Cards on a new level you have not completed yet, but fear not Adventurer! Tiki’s Lost Cards are also hidden through out all Islands – a true Scavenger Hunt.

Tap on your Island Navigator and find Islands that are marked by with the special Lost Card totem.

Levels in which you can collect Tiki’s Lost Cards are indicated by a special Event Totem on your Island! 

Hurry! Play the game, clear the Cards and continue on to the next Scavenger Hunt level in which Tiki lost some of his Cards. Good luck and happy searching!