Club of the Week: 1/27/23

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Thar’s ⛏️GOLD⛏️ in them thar STARS! Today we celebrate the Club that earned the most GOLD STARS this week! And that honor goes to 🌠Tri Dream Team🌠… who you may remember as the winners of last year’s Star for Your Club contest, where the goal was (🥁drumroll🥁)… to win Gold Stars! !
Close behind we see:
2. 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋(17,081)
3. 🏆Tiki Legends🏆 (17,052)
4. 🛑Quityerbytchin’🛑 (16,505)
5. 🎉BOOM SHAKA LAKA🎉 (15,458)
6. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️(15,337)
7. 😺ContagiouSmile😺 (15,015)
8. 🔀arrows🔀 (14,756)
9. 🥄Silver Lining🥄 (14,712)
10. 🏖️Life is a Beach🏖️ (13,817)