Club of the Week: 11/30/18

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Last week we asked players to nominate their Club for “Why I’m Thankful for this Club.” We had some wonderful nominations, but two really stood out, and thus – we’re delighted to announce that both ✊Freaks United✊ and ⛰️Misfit Mountain⛰️ are this week’s Clubs of the Week!

Why? From Erinn of Misfit Mountain: “It isn’t about coming in first place. It’s about a group of people who have come together and created an extended family. We support and encourage one another not just in the game, but in life as well. You don’t have to worry about being kicked out of the group either. Life happens and the kindness runs over here.”

And from Cecilia of Freaks United: “I’ve been in many Clubs with groups of people that never talk, who don’t work together as a Club, and who almost never completed more than 4 Perks. This Club is so friendly, understanding, and are genuinely nice helpful people! I love my Club and WILL NOT change Clubs again!”