Club Spotlight: Clanmuz

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This week’s Club in the Spotlight is Clanmuz. They sound like a tight-nut group of friends who both take the game seriously, but also make sure they’re attentive to their personal lives as well. And they have a Thursday TriPeak pot luck, which sounds superb!

1. What is the name of your Club and who is your Club Leader?

I’m the leader of Clanmuz, Patti, but purely by accident when our Leader abruptly left and started a new team then later recruited from the team. 

2. And who is your Club Co Leader

Elaine is our top co-leader who keeps us in line, cheers everyone on and throws the best Thursday Tri-Peak pot luck!  Reb and Sandy are co-leaders too.

3. How long has your Club been around? 

Not really sure, probably 2 years. Debbie (DMV), Elaine, Eileen, Reb and Patti are the originals.

4. What’s your motto?

Enjoy and play as a team! Life happens we understand.

5. What do you talk about in the Chat Channel?

Oh everything, health, family, weddings, babies, pets, different traditions, vacations, jokes, best levels and strategies.

6. What are some things you all have in common?

We love the game and enjoy the challenges. 

7. How would you describe your strategy?

Complete perk 6 to get the golden tiki card. Some go after the Red Star goal like Wisdom and Bluebell, others are after the quests and some go for their own highest scores. 

8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

Oh that’s tough as it changes week to week.  We have a fb page where we post achievements, we do a WooHoo pic when players pass their club points milestones of 500,000; 1 million, 1.5 million, 2 million and 2.5 million.  We acknowledge when a player gets their own personal high score no matter their rank.

9. Who’s the funniest?

Depends on the day, but it’s typically the quite players who throw out the one liners, like Scott or Choleyb,. Or like Trevor did last week – made me belly laugh.  Now Elaine can stir anyone up with her chats especially during our Thursday social.  

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

Enjoy the game and your team mates!  I would like to commend all the positive comments.

And now visit the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum and tell us your favorite one-liner. You know, like “Did you hear about the crook who stole a calendar? He got twelve months.” We will pick five random posts and the authors will receive a Wild Card on Friday!