Club of the Week: 3/11/22

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Today we celebrate all Clubs by focusing on the Club that Cleared the Most Clubs! 

The ♣️clubs♣️ that appear on the cards were all “Hey man, you guys talk a LOT about Clubs, and we’re feeling a little neglected.” So this is not just for 🥋Allstar Ninjas🥋, who cleared an amazing 190,348 of ‘em, but for the ♣️clubs♣️ you find on your playing cards. 

Clubbing up close we see: 

  1. 🌋Coin Volcano!🌋 (185,392)
  2. 🏝️Island Healani🏝️ (181,170)
  3. 🛣️ 2 4 The Road🛣️ (179,619)
  4. 👵Golden Girls👵 (177,807)
  5. 💭Tri Dream Team💭 (175,731)
  6. 🌄Twin Peaks🌄 (167,121)
  7. 🌃Skyz the limit🌃 (166,190)
  8. 🧱Unbreakables🧱 (161,121)
  9. 📜VerwirrtVerirrt📜 (160,540)