Club of the Week: 3/30/18

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Last week we had an “Open Nomination” for this week’s Club of the Week! We received a nice smattering of nominations. One stood out, not so much for the unity of the Club (which we do see a lot of), but that these members are so dedicated that one of them… well, I’ll let Angie, from Tiki Hoaaloha! explain:

“We may not be in the top 500, but our team is a family! We have been through births, deaths, hurricanes, winter storms etc. One of our members, Gretchen, is an avid hunter – while on vacation she actually played while in the tree stand hunting and finished in the top 3 that week! I am blessed to be a part of this amazing team and I know we all feel the love! Many of the top members have tried to be recruited to other teams, but they won’t leave their Tiki Family!”