Player Spotlight: Meet Hannah R!

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She discovered us through a different app, which she quickly forgot about and now keeps the coffee handy to keep up! Meet Hannah R, this week’s Player in the Spotlight!

1. When did you discover Solitaire TriPeaks?

I’ve been playing for about a year now. I was on an app called “App Like”, where you can download games and earn money. This was the first game i tried. I never went back to the app. And I’ve been addicted ever since!

2. Who is your favorite Solitaire TriPeaks Character?

Poi, he’s the cutest, and now he’s a leprechaun!

3. What’s your favorite Booster?

Volcano cards of course are the best, but i like the bombs because they go towards earning your star when they go away.

4. Are you in a Club? If so, which one?

Only Great Team, Roseline is the best leader!

5. What’s something you wish you knew when you first started playing?

I didn’t know the Red Stars started over every week. I went through and got every single star one time. I had a good outcome when it ended!

6. Coffee, Tea or Other?

Coffee, keeps me buzzed for TriPeaks, and my kids!

7. What tropical destinations would you love to visit?

Puta Cana, Mexico, Hawaii!

8. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“No one ever said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it”

9. What is your all time favorite board game (played with an actual board)?

Monopoly, I love card games more though, Skip-bo and Phase 10 are the real winners!

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

Remember to have fun!

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