Club of the Week: 6/21/19

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Here’s a new one – This week we call attention to the Club that’s completed the most Quests since the beginning of the year! That honor goes to ⛱️Tiki Beach Bash⛱️!

Close behind are:

2) 🍭The Expendables🍭 (24,258)
3) 👑Tribute Royals👑 (24,119)
4) 🍒Club Cherry🍒(24,080)
5) 🏋️Mighty Misfits🏋️(24,058)
6) 📖THY WILL BE DONE📖(23,746)
7) 🎐dream catchers🎐(23,684)
8) 🚢Mass Exodus🚢(23,476)
9) 🎭KutzsComedyClub🎭(23,393)
10) 💤lazy bunch💤(23,385)