A Special Spotlight: Bente Meets Mary

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In a very special Player Spotlight, we feature Bente, from Denmark, who had a recent visitor from the UK – a certain Club Leader named Mary! You may find it interesting about what surprised her the most about meeting her Club Leader…

1. You recently had a visit from your Club Leader. Can you tell us how that came about?

We were in the same Club three years back. Two years ago some of us started our own Club. Mary was the natural boss and 2 others and I are Co Leaders. We chat every day on messenger, Club issues of course, but more often personal things. She came to Denmark a couple of weeks ago to visit me and my husband. After chatting every day for years it was nice to finally meet.

2. What is the name of your Club, and where do other members of your Club live?

Our Club name is The Dungeon. Our Club colours are purple and gold 🙂 We have members from US, UK, Denmark, Australia, France, Argentina and Luxembourg.

3. Is this the first time you’ve ever met someone in real life because of a game?

I have met three people in real life through Wordfeud and we meet regularly. All came to my 50th birthday last year. Mary was invited too, but was unable to attend.

4. Did anyone worry about this visit? Did anyone say “What if she’s crazy?”

Not at all. We have chatted on messenger every day for more than three years. We were friends before we met.

5. What is your favorite memory from the visit?

Meeting Mary! It was lovely. That was the highlight.We went on trips, had barbeques in the garden and even played a little 🙂

She stayed with us for 8 days and we could chat as well as being silent together.

6. How did she surprise you?

She swears more than I thought 😀

I already knew she swore when writing but even more in real life.

I loved it! A broad Yorkshire accent laced with swearwords. I have to say that quite a bit of the swearing was aimed at the game when she couldn’t win lol.

7. Swearing at the game? I guess there’s a first for everything! Do you think you surprised her in anyway?

Not really. I am a softie and she knew that already. That’s why she is the boss and I am not!

8. Did everyone in your Club know that the visit was happening?

Everyone knew. They had to cover for us, as we didn’t play as much as usual.

We posted photos during the week in The Dungeons Facebook group, too.

9. What is it that you love most about your Club?

That we are all a bit mad with a quirky sense of humour. And we can chat about everything without judgement. I really appreciate that.

And we are allowed to take on holiday or have a day off without fear of being booted! As long as they let us know its fine.

Family first.

10. Do you foresee meeting any other members of the Club?

Maybe the co leaders in the US. If my health allows it I would love to meet them. We are firm friends by now. Mary is visiting them next year.

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