Club of the Week: Best Leader!

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Last week we asked players to nominate their Club Leader for this week’s “Best Club Leader” Club of the Week spot.

It was not an easy choice, as there were quite a few great nominations, but we were blown away by how Cancer Killers became a Club in the first place, and how committed the now-blind Co-Leader is to making this Club the best.

In the words of Club member, Karen: “I nominate our two leaders of Cancer Killers, Lucy and Sunshine. Sunshine has brain cancer and because of this became blind. However, she can still play TriPeaks and communicates on chat via a reader. She and Lucy were in a top Club but because of Sunshine’s illness, she couldn’t keep up with their requirements. Lucy decided to create a new Club that wouldn’t have such high requirements that she and Sunshine could be in. It’s a great Club now with lots of good players – in fact this week we’re at spot 75! Lucy and Sunshine are always so kind, writing positive messages in the chat – which isn’t always the norm for Clubs in TriPeaks!”

Congratulations Cancer Killers!

Two other Clubs deserve honorable mentions: Gary from DIRTY DUCKS and Jennifer from Smokin Tiki!

Both of these Clubs received multiple nominations, so here are a few quotes that sum up why they received nominations:


“I’ve been in other Clubs where the leaders don’t lead or guide the members. Gary is always welcoming to new players, communicates daily, makes it fun to play and encourages everyone to do their best to win rewards. He gets very excited for us to win the Golden Tiki which we all love! Really just his personality is funny and yet he keeps everyone in line which drives us up in rank! He coined the name of  our Club, “Dirty Ducks” (he raised ducks and tells us they’re dirty, messy birds). My husband saw how much I enjoyed the game and he now plays! Gary encourages our chat, helping each other and giving tips to help complete club goals and quests. When people have things going on and not possible to play as much he’s understanding about it and our team will actually play harder to pick up the slack. I don’t know if I would play if I couldn’t play on his team. He’s a fair, fun leader and everyone on the team loves him. We wouldn’t be Dirty Ducks without him!” Sharon

Gary has put together a great team from the UK, USA, Canada and other areas. We pull together for him because he makes it fun. We have “lazy weeks” when several players have other commitments, allowing those who want to play, play, and those who can’t that week build their coin banks without feeling guilty for letting the team down!” Suella

On Jennifer from Smokin Tiki:

Our Club is Smokin Tiki and our team leader is Jennifer. I would like to nominate her because she isn’t just the team leader, she becomes our friend and part of our family. She cares about everyone on the team and If there is a problem and you can’t play for awhile all you have to do is let her know. She always tells us that our family and our health comes first. Don’t get me wrong she can be tough if you don’t follow the rules of the team, but that is part of being a good team leader!” Margie

I’ve been called weird and sweet for saying this, but to me she is the perfect combination of cheerleader and mommy. Cheers you on when needed, and gives you the boot If you don’t do the work.” Margareth

Thanks to everyone who nominated their Club Leader for this week’s Club of the Week!