Club of the Week

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This week, in the spirit of the season, the Club of the Week goes to the SCARIEST CLUB NAME! And that honor goes to ⚫Vampire Darkness⚫

Following close in those footsteps, in no particular order this week:

  1. 👹Feral ghoul👹
  2. 💀Zombie Warfare💀
  3. 🎃Witch’s Haven🎃
  4. 👻Haunted Mansion👻
  5. ☠️Horror Island☠️
  6. 🐺WerewolfClub🐺
  7. 💋Vampire KISS💋
  8. 👺The Witches👺
  9. 🐙Kraken Cove🐙

Perhaps the most frightening thing is that these Clubs are here 😱ALL YEAR LONG!😱