Introducing Club Tournaments!

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In what is our biggest change since the introduction of Clubs, Solitaire TriPeaks is excited to launch Club Leagues!

Now casual Clubs can enjoy better competition, compete for better rewards, experience the fun of focused teamwork, and the joy moving up the ranks!

Look for the Tournament Widget when you enter the Club portion of the App. Here, you’ll be able to quickly see which league you’re in, where your Club stands in that league, and how much time you have left in the tournament:

When you tap the Tournament Widget, you’ll see greater details about your competition, your Club Points, and potential rewards:

Tap the question mark to open up more information about Leagues, and what rewards there are as you move up:

Please note that, aside from the Legend League, each League has multiple buckets. So, there are hundreds of buckets in the Rookie, Wood and Stone Leagues. Once you get up into the Gold and Platinum, there are fewer buckets.

Also, there may be some confusion around why some Clubs are in certain buckets, while others are in buckets that don’t seem correct. We held a pre-seeding event a short while ago. Any clubs created after that event would not have been seeded and will have to start at a lower tier for now. We expect that the leagues will level themselves out after the first few events.

Players who have been hesitant to join a Club previously may now feel a lot more comfortable taking that first step. If you’re interested in joining a Club, or switching to a Club that fits better with your abilities and leisure time, visit the Club Recruitment section of the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum and browse the posts therein. You can also create your own Club and use the Forum to recruit members.

And if you have thoughts or comments about Club Tournaments, visit the Club Tournaments section of the Forum!