Club Spotlight: Crystal Mermaid

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It’s been said that in days of yore, seafarers would bring aquamarine crystals with them on their voyages to harness the youthful energy of mermaids. Perhaps by naming their Club Crystal Mermaid, they’ve tapped into some ancient truth! Or maybe they just play really well. Either way, we’re happy to feature them in this week’s Club Spotlight!

1. What is the name of your Club, and who is your Club Leader?

Crystal Mermaid and our leader is Ellie.

2. And who is your Club Co Leader?

Stacey & Sheila

3. How long has your Club been around?

Since December 2017

4. What’s your motto?

We don’t really have one but if we did, it would probably be “Work hard, play hard, have fun!”

5. What, besides the game do you discuss in the chat channel?

We really support everyone throughout the week, have a joke and motivate each other. It’s a very happy, positive group.

6. What are some things you all have in common?

Everyone is laid back and supportive. We come from all over the world, all walks of life and a variety of ages but we work together really well.

7. How would you describe your strategy?

That’s top secret!! No, it’s easy really, put in the effort, see the reward.

8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

You’ll get me in trouble if I answer that! I think we are all hardworking and a couple of us are a little competitive 😉

9. Who’s the funniest?

Obviously me! Haha, I would have to say Chad.

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community? If so, what?

Have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and support your teammates!

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