Club Spotlight: The Perkilators!

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Led by a fun-loving husband and wife duo of TriPeaks fanatics, The Perkilators have managed to form a Club that has found a sweet blend of competition and companionship.

1. What is the name of your Club, and who is your Club Leader?

We are The Perkilators led by Jaime (by title in the game only)

2. And who is your Club Co Leader?

Our Club is co-led by Jeff. We have a dynamic husband and wife duo leading the team that both function as co-leaders. As far as the team goes in general, there are times when we all step up and lead even if the title is not next to our name.

3. How long has your Club been around?

Our Club has been around since January 2018. We are still fairly new but have overcome a lot of adversity and have stuck together and have built even stronger friendship bonds.

4. What’s your motto?

The motto listed on our Club page is related to perk order and club points but that is in no way what defines us. We have many mottos/beliefs which include “We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of coins”, “one team, one goal”, “family first”, and the every famous, “all for one and one for all “. While these may not be said daily on the chat, we all believe in these sayings and more importantly, live them every day because the positive actions and attitudes in this team speak volumes over the words in chat!

5. What, besides the game do you discuss in the chat channel?

We discuss a lot of different topics on the chat channel and on our private team Facebook page. Because we are located in different regions of the US and are even International we have fun discussing everything from the weather and recipes to sharing pictures of our families and discussing our personal struggles and successes.

6. What are some things you all have in common?

Besides our love for TriPeaks (of course), we have found that the biggest thing we all have in common is our family first mentality and our fun senses of humor. We all understand that we enjoy playing the game but we enjoy the friendships and conversations more!

7. How would you describe your strategy?

Our strategy is to get get that Golden Tiki as quickly as possible and then to complete other perks with the help of our “wild” friend – we miss the Golden Tiki when he is gone. We are a consistent team that works hard and challenges each other everyday.

8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

We don’t single out a “hardest working member” because we all contribute in different ways. We have strong players across the board!! While we have some that we see consistently in the top 3, but those who are not top in Club points often are the strongest cheerleaders!

9. Who’s the funniest?

We are a group of quick-witted people which leads to some funny conversations. We have a private Facebook page for the team in which you will see everything from Facebook Coin announcements (which make us all VERY happy) to hilarious GIF images and Facebook posts. We are a fun loving group and all have an amazing sense of humor!

10. Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

What we would stress most to the TriPeaks Community is to rid yourself of the drama and the players who create it and everything else will fall perfectly into place. Our team all shows an immense personal respect for each other which is invigorating and motivational. We are truly a family and we believe that is what makes a strong team!

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