Club Spotlight: Tiki Time!!!

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One wonders what goes into a name. Is every every word thought through? Every letter? This week’s Club in the Spotlight has THREE exclamation points, which at first you might think was done for emphasis. But alas – no. There’s an interesting reason for that decision. Read on…

1. Who is your Club Leader?  

Amy R

2. And who is your Club CoLeader?

Granny D and Brooklyn 

3. How long has your Club been around? 

February 2018

4. What’s your motto?  

Lists our Club goals. Whoops, boring.

5. What do you talk about in the Chat Channel?

Club quests, weekend or vacation plans, where everyone lives.

6. What are some things you all have in common?

Love to play Solitaire TriPeaks!! 🙂

7. How would you describe your strategy?

Play as a team and complete as many Perks as possible while having fun!

8. Who’s the hardest working Club Member?

Sharon is our hardest working long term member. We’ve also got some new members the last month that are kicking butt too! 🙂

Who’s the funniest?

Granny D and Dianna — they’re always happy when their little Golden Tiki man comes back after Perk 6! 🙂

Is there something you’d like to say to the Solitaire TriPeaks Community?

Our Club name is Tiki Time!!! The three exclamation points stand for three generations in our Club… my mom, my daughter and myself. We enjoy playing the game together! 🙂 

And now visit the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum and tell us about something you’ve named that has some sort of special meaning. Maybe it was a car, a child, a band, a blender or the first hot dog you ever purchased at a ball game, etc… We will pick five random posts and the authors will receive a Wild Card on Friday!