COMING SOON: New Guidelines May Affect How You Access Your Account

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Android and Apple users listen up! This may affect you if you use a guest account!

If you do NOT use a guest account, and have a single account that’s tied to Facebook, then this does not affect you.

Soon, Apple will be implementing new guidelines for signing in that will affect a great number of apps, including Solitaire TriPeaks. Players will now be given the opportunity to connect their accounts to their Apple ID. 

This will impact both Apple and Android users, as outlined below.

THE SHORT VERSION: If you currently only use one account that’s tied to Facebook (and that’s most of you), and don’t foresee any reason to change, then you may stop reading and carry on.

THE LONGER VERSION: Starting in April, you will have the option to sign in using your Apple ID. Much like Facebook, you will be able to access your account across multiple devices using your Apple ID.

It can get complicated, so let’s first explain the two types of accounts that currently play on Solitaire TriPeaks: 

1. GUEST ACCOUNT (tied to a single device): Currently, all players have the ability to play on a “Guest Account” – that is an account that can be accessed without connecting through Facebook, and is only available on one device. If you’re playing on a Guest Account, unless you’ve changed your name, your account will say “Guest” and your Facebook Connect button will say “LOGIN”: 

2. CONNECTED ACCOUNT (can be accessed through any device): Many players have connected their TriPeaks account to their Facebook account, so that they may be able to play the same account across multiple devices. The upcoming change means that players will now have the option to connect via Apple ID as well. Presently, on a connected account, your name will likely be filled in, and your Facebook Connect button will say: “LOGOUT”: 

Now, for the complicated part: Some people currently switch between their Guest Account and their Facebook Connected account. Come April, you may either continue to play on your Guest Account, or you may connect your account to Facebook, your AppleID, or both. However, once your account is connected to either (or both) Facebook or AppleID, you will not be able to connect to your Guest Account anymore. 

So, if you want to keep your Guest account on your one device, then you’ll want to log out of your Facebook Connected account and refrain from logging in with either Facebook or AppleID on that device. Because once you’ve connected your account on your device to either, you will no longer be able to to access your Guest account. 

What Solitaire TriPeaks recommends: We urge our players to connect their accounts, so that they may always have access to them. If you use a Guest Account, and your device should break or get lost, you would also lose your account forever, along with any Coins, Boosters and progress you’ve made. And you would have to rejoin your Club with a brand new account and have your Club Leader remove you from the Club. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you currently use a device to access a Guest Account, and an account that is connected to through Facebook, come April, you will need to decide which account you want to keep on that device. You may keep both accounts, but understand that your Guest Account is the only account that you will be able to access with that particular device. You’ll need to log into your Facebook connected account using a different device.