Hometown Spotlight: Meet Barb from Knappa, OR!

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You may have never heard of this small logging town on the coast of Oregon, but it’s quite possible you’ve seen it, or at least near where it is, in a children’s movie! Barb gives us the details in this week’s Hometown Spotlight!

1. What is your name?


2. How long have you been playing Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks?

Quite a while! I use to play and then stopped for a bit. Now it is a daily addiction!

3. Are you in a Club? If so, which one?

Yes, I am! I am in Calla’s Crazy Cru. Although I do not regularly interact in chat, I do try and get the Club tasks done daily. They are also understanding of “life” and not quick to delete if you hadn’t played for a few days! I think it is a GREAT club to be part of!!

4. What city or hometown are you introducing us to?

Knappa, Oregon! A small, blinking light town just outside of Astoria on the Columbia River.

5. How long have you lived there?

My husband is retired military, so we moved, but this is where I call “home” and is where my mom and siblings live with their families. I think I was around 11 when we moved there, so close to 39 years!

6. What makes this place so special?

The people! It is a unique group of farmers, loggers and fishermen with a few millworkers thrown in the mixture as well. The town is small in size but big on their Knappa Logger sports teams and the old-timers that paved the way of live we live out there.

7. If you were to show a couple of out-of-towners your hometown, where would you take them?

Well, Knappa is pretty much like a country drive. Not much to see but farms and trees. We would instead drive to Astoria stopping at the Eagle Sanctuary in Svensen, then pointing out Tongue Point Job Corps and the warehouses they filmed scenes from Short Circuit in. Then a look at the elementary school Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed Kindergarten Cop in on the way to see the Goonies House! Take a ride up the steep streets to get the breathtaking views of the Columbia River and all the way to the top to see the view atop the Astor Column! The photo is the Megler Bridge that runs from the Oregon side to the Washington side of the Columbia River!

8. And if you were to take them out for a meal, where would you take them and what would you suggest they order?

So, if you like seafood, especially fresh salmon, Astoria has it! But, I think the best place to go in Astoria would be Portway Tavern to try a delicious burger and garlic chips! Before leaving Knappa, there is no way you pass by The Logger without getting a Logger Burger and tots, finishing that off with a slice of the chocolate pie!

9. What’s the one thing you wish was different about your hometown?

I wish it was closer!

10. Any final thoughts about where you live?

If life allowed, I would go home and never leave! The green grass, the big trees, the quietness of it all is amazing!