Introducing Friend Center Relay Challenges!

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More Friend Center improvements are here! This time, in the form of the Relay Challenge, which we just made even better by adding the Relay Challenge Streak rewards! You’ll earn bigger and better rewards the more you Streak!

But first – what is the Relay Challenge? 

The Relay Challenge allows you to partner with a friend to complete a series of short tasks together, relay style. And then upon completion you both earn rewards. It’s a fun and easy way to bond with your Friend Center friends in a casual and rewarding way. You may have up to 5 Relay Challenges active at any time.

Head over to your Friend Center and look for the “Relay” option in the lower left portion of the screen:

Next, find one of your friends with whom you’d enjoy playing. In this case, we’re going to play with Emily. She’s reliable and won’t let us down! Not like Ralphie from Ads, who’s always so distracted he forgets to play within the time limit. Tap the name, then hit the “Invite” button:

And now, we just wait until she’s done. She has 24 hours to play or respond. If she doesn’t respond, no worries – the Relay just doesn’t happen and you can simply dismiss the invite after it expires. You don’t lose anything and neither does she.

But, of course, Emily is reliable, and check it out – while we were reading this, she completed her portion and is now waiting on us:

So now it’s up to us to do our part, which is to earn 3,100 Streak Coins! We simply tap the “Play” button and we’re off:

We can see our progress as we play the game:

And then, after we’ve gone back and forth a few times and completed our legs, we will have completed the Relay and we’re ready to collect our reward:

Rewards vary depending on the Relay. The more difficult a relay, the greater the rewards. Both participants will receive the same Chest, contents of which may vary. As we roll this out, all Relays will be about the same difficulty. Further down the line, we’ll add new Relay Challenges with greater difficulty and bigger rewards.

BUT WAIT! What if your favorite friend is not showing up as an option?  Not to worry. Since we’re currently testing the feature, it’s likely your friend has not been randomly selected to participate. Or, it’s possible your friend has not yet updated the app to its latest build (6.9.1).