Introducing Your Next TriPeaks Adventure: SKYLANDS

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Located just a little to the right of Tiki: Prehistoric in the Island Selector, you will find a BRAND NEW WORLD for you to explore! It’s called SKYLANDS — and it’s gorgeous.

While it’s not exactly a new World, as it comes in seasons, it is definitely something exciting for anyone who’s finished all of the levels in the previous Worlds. Here are a couple of questions and answers that should help explain how it works:

What is Skylands?

Skylands is a new location for players who have reached the end of the game to continue earning Star Chests, catching Poi, and playing Events!

How do I get there?

If you’ve completed all the levels from all of the other Worlds, you will be able to access Skylands as soon as it’s released! You’ll find it on the far right of the Island Selector:

How long does it last?

The length of each season in Skylands will run for two weeks before restarting, so try to reach those far out treasures and beat your high score before the Season ends!

Is the game the same?

It is! It contains all of the same features and challenges you know and love — events, Catching Poi, Star Chests, etc… in a setup you’re familiar with: