Club Leader Spotlight: Meet Earthbound!

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When you take in that she’s a Libra with two personalities, manages to know what’s going on the lives of all her Club Members, keeps people positive, but also punts people when warranted, it’s amazing she’s got the name “Earthbound” (or “Earth Bound” in some cases). Regardless, she sounds like she definitely deserves her space in the Club Leader Spotlight!

1. What is the name of your Club, what league are you in?

My Club is My Crew is Dope, or MCID. We fluctuate between Gold and Platinum

2. Who is your Club Leader?

Earthbound Libra aka Earthbound Rocker – she has two personalities!

3. How long has the Club been around?

September 2020

4. Has  she been the Club Leader since the start?

Yes, she started the Club

5. What makes Earth Bound Leader so special?

Earthbound is a positive Club Leader. She is high energy and has built a family culture to the Club. She is always checking in on her team members and remembers little things about their lives. She knows who is going on vacation, whose kid is teething, and who is off to a fishing tournament. We have an international team with members playing in different time zones and English isn’t always their first language. She is inclusive, welcoming and even picks up phrases in their languages. It has been great to learn about the cultures of our team. While she is welcoming – she also runs the Club in a fair but firm manner. She nurtures newer players, but is clear about the expectations of the Club. And if players need to be removed – she does it. Over the 10 months we have gone from a Wood Club to a Platinum Club. It’s been a journey – but EB (as I call her) has made it fun and really created a family environment!

6. How does she motivate the Club?

While she cares about winning Club Quests and advancing levels – she cares more about the team members. She is always checking in with members – cheering them on, celebrating life’s victories and listening to the bumps in life. She makes you want to check in to the game each day and see how everyone is doing. She has a seemingly endless source of energy, goodwill and love.

7. How has she inspired you, personally?

Diversity matters. Embracing where we are different helps us learn. Earthbound has welcomed players from all over the globe and it has enriched our team. We have learned so much about different foods, holidays, family events and celebrations. We have also learned about how different countries support (or don’t support) working parents. It has been an added dimension that I never dreamed would emerge from the game. All through a relatively limited chat app EB has helped us be an international family.

8. If she were a tree, what kind of tree would she be?

Earthbound would be a family tree. A tree where you can see how people are connected and celebrate the family in your life.

9. What’s a special talent that she has that makes it fun to be in this Club?

She is fun. She is always coming up with puns and jokes for the team. My Club name is CK. She is always trying to find ways to blend my initials into other words. For example, ExCKellent job on the CQ. Or RoCKing job! She takes the time to thank all the team members that make goals. Additionally – when we make a goal she gets so excited! We made the leaderboard on the Facebook page and she was SO excited and full of pride! Fun to see her enthusiasm and revelling in our success! 🙂

10. What have you learned from Earthbound?

Earthbound is an eternal optimist. She had a vision for the type of positive, supportive, all-in team filled with supportive team players and she had led MCID toward that vision. It has been hard – some weeks were rougher than others. But after 10 months we have a very solid team where everyone contributes. And if life comes up – we work it out. Her leadership, energy and time she puts into her team is very inspiring. We all adore her and her leadership style. She has taught me that investing in people isn’t always easy – but the payoff can be amazing.

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