Isle of Love SPECIAL: Catching Up with NEWLYWEDS Angela and Dustin

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You may remember last year we featured Angela and Dustin, who met playing Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks, and shared their story in last year’s Isle of Love series.

Well, guess what? They’re BACK… and now they’re married! We were delighted to have an update from them to share with everyone!

1. Thank you so much for joining us again this year to update us on how life has progressed from last year. First off – you got married! How did that go?

I’m from Ohio and he’s from Iowa. Since the distance is far we kind of had two weddings. One here in Iowa with his family and one for mine back in Ohio.

2. Did you have anything Tiki Solitaire TriPeaksy at the wedding?

Well, we maxed a Tribute Quest the morning of our wedding. Our team leader Christa sent us a picture frame that says “Life is better on the Island” and we have a wedding photo in it. Our Club also sent us many well-wishes and sent us a gift card.

3. Does everyone know you met though the game?

Yes… and we even included something about how we met in our wedding vows.

4. TWO weddings! That’s awesome. What was your favorite memory from each wedding?

Well, one ceremony, but two receptions.

In Iowa… Dustin says his favorite moment was when he first saw me in my dress. And mine was when he kissed me after the ceremony… our favorite moment together was when we did a toast to Dustin’s dad… everyone had a can of his favorite beer and when we all popped them open at the same time. The sound was awesome. We won’t ever forget it.

In Ohio…  our favorite moment was seeing how happy my family was for us and sitting with my friends’ kids at the head table. We even bought Club Double Gifts while we were at our reception! lol

5. Where did you honeymoon? Or if you haven’t yet, are you planning one? And where? And if it’s in Hawaii, will you try to capture any Mini-Tikis?

Maybe one day we will get to Hawaii to capture some Mini-Tikis. We didn’t go anywhere far, but we took several mini trips that included two Iowa Hawkeye football games and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

6. You met in the game… do your “in-game” personalities match your real personalities?

I would say “yes” and that the game definitely carries over into real life. We have maxed Quests in some interesting places… at the Iowa state fair, at an amusement park, my mom’s birthday dinner, right before my daughter’s high school graduation, the morning of our wedding, at a Hawkeyes game inside the stadium and at a NASCAR RACE. I’m sure we will add more interesting places to this list. You could say we are dedicated to our team.

7. You’re both members of “Island Healani” – were they supportive?

Without them… there would be no us 🙂

8. Very nice. Last year, you said Dustin is the better player. Is this still the case?

Yes. Dustin has better strategy.

9. What’s the best piece of advice you have for keeping a relationship alive?

Communication and spending time with each other.

10. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with the Solitaire TriPeaks community?

You never know where you might find the love of your life or a great friend… anything is possible in TriPeaks😊

And now let’s enjoy some wedding pictures!