Mom in the Spotlight: Karin!

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Today, instead of having the usual “Answer/Question” format, we have this special treat from an anonymous Club member who has been struggling with the realities of war, and has found solace in her Club, and especially with her Club Leader, Karin.

I will start with a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln: “If you want to see a person’s character, give them strength” … and the person I’m speaking about is the leader of the Club, “arrows”. She is a distinguished lady, docile, decent, empathetic , friendly, compassionate and attentive to the needs of those she interacts with in this exciting game, with many other qualities and character traits and her name is Karin.

I write this as a recognition of her merits and human value.

I met her virtually, through Tiki Solitaire Tripeaks, following the invitation of a Co-Leader from her Club, a year and a half ago.

I sensed her leadership qualities from the beginning, by the fact that she relates to all team members, encourages them if they have problems in real life and above all she has a boundless passion for Solitaire, having been playing for many years. Any member of the Club who, due to problems in real life, chooses to leave the Club, is invited not to leave the Facebook messenger address of the Club, in the idea that maybe someday they will return “home” to “arrows”, as she always says.

As a personal interaction with Karin, it all started when the war broke out in Ukraine, considering that I live in Romania and the war was practically at the border of my country. I was so shocked and effectively blocked by the drama of the outbreak of war that I thought I was going mad with fear.

From that moment, she was by my side virtually, daily, corresponding by messages, supporting me emotionally, encouraging me, without any obligation and without any benefit for her, only out of her empathy and immeasurable love for people.

I left her Club 3 times during a year and a half and she always took the time to re-engage me, without having any objection in this regard.

In the meantime I’m fine, I got over the emotional shock caused by that war and returned to “arrows” after one year, meanwhile always telling me that “arrows” is waiting for me at home.

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