Reward Yourself with Poi’s Bounty!

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Ready to reap rewards on TOP of rewards? That’s what Poi wants, and to do it, he’s introducing the WEB SHOP EXCLUSIVE, Poi’s Bounty!

Simply put, Poi’s Bounty allows you to increase your rewards with every purchase you make in the Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks Web Shop. For every purchase, you’ll receive Loyalty Points, and as that Loyalty Point total accrues, you’ll unlock rewards.

So, how does it work?

Easy – just head over to the Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks Web Shop at, make your first purchase, and your Loyalty Points will begin working for you immediately! You’ll be automatically enrolled in the Poi’s Bounty event, and can watch as you progress with the Poi’s Bounty Progress meter:


As you move up, you’ll see how many Loyalty Points you’ll need to accrue before you unlock the next reward.

What if I want to use my Loyalty Points? Will that delay my rewards?

Good news! Once your Loyalty Points are awarded to you through a purchase during Poi’s Bounty, they count towards your progression, so you may go ahead and spend them on the things you love, with no worry about missing out on any rewards. You may spend them all, and you’ll still see the progress on your Poi’s Bounty Progress Meter.

What about Loyalty Points I’ve already got? 

Only Loyalty Points accrued during the Poi’s Bounty event will count towards your Poi’s Bounty progress. Loyalty Points you’ve earned from before the event do not count.

And after I earn my rewards, how do I get them?

You’ll find your rewards inside your TriPeaks Inbox, and we’ll remind you of this as soon as you’ve collected an award:

What happens when I complete Poi’s Bounty, can I play again? 

Alas, once you see this message:

That means the event is over, and you’ll need to wait for the NEXT Poi’s Bounty event.