On Your Mark… Get Set… CLUB RACE!

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Ahoy Sailors!

We’re about to introduce you to Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks Club Race.

So, put on your sailing gear and prepare your airhorns, because this one is a nautical blast!


Club Race is a feature that allows Clubs to compete in a fun, often challenging, race against other Clubs for big rewards – with the emphasis on BIG!

Club Races place up to 5 Clubs against each other to race across waters teeming with interesting Hazards, to see who can cross the finish line first. Clubs must first Qualify to be entered into the race, and then they’ll have the opportunity to play a certain number of games per day, over three days, with two specific goals: to earn Travel Points, which allow the Club’s boat to move forward; and to amass Defense Points, which protect the boat from nautical threats called Hazards. Your point balance is determined by the number of Stars you earn in each game.

You’ll want to move quickly, but you also want to make sure that you have what you need to face whatever challenges may arise!


You’ll find Club Race when you tap Clubs from your main game screen, and then look in the lower left corner:


In order to participate in the Club Race, Club Members must qualify. Before the race begins, Clubs will have a Qualification period, where members will play a game to qualify for the race, win or lose. This allows the game to pair up 5 Clubs who are equally matched. The game looks for the number of users participating in the race as well as previous scores of the Club in Club Race to determine the most equal match for the upcoming race.

Players who don’t qualify before the race will have to wait for the next race to participate, so be sure to pay attention to how much time you have left to Qualify.

When you see that you’re up for Qualification, all you have to do is hit “Play”, win or lose the game, and you’re in!

You can also see how many of your Clubmates will be joining you in your race! In the case below, Tiki is the first to qualify:


Once the race has officially started, the first thing you’ll want to do is familiarize yourself with the map, and where to find your pertinent information. In the image below, you can see in Arrow A, telling you what day of the race it is, and how many race days there are. Arrow B lets you know how many plays you have left for the day. These are important pieces of information, and can guide your decision-making when you plan your next game.

Once the race begins, each player will have a set number of daily games that can be played, and each game can either be a TRAVEL game, where you play to have your boat move ahead, or a DEFENSE game, where you earn Shield Points to build up your defense against a variety of Hazards, like a Kraken, a Penguin Iceberg or even the dreaded Pirate Bunnies.

Please note that the numbers you see in these images will vary with different Club Races. You may need more or less Travel and Defense games. 

The more Stars you earn in a Travel game, the further forward you go, and likewise, the better you do in a Defense game, the more Shield Points you earn towards building a shield to defend against hazards. Travel and Shield Points are based on the number of Stars you earn during the game. If you have a perfect game, you’ll earn 10 Travel Points or 10 Shield Points.

So, the first thing you must do is decide which you’ll choose before you play your next game:

If you choose DEFENSE, the game will automatically apply whatever Shield you’ll need most immediately. So, if you’re 20 Travel Points away from the Penguin Iceberg, you’ll be earning Defense Points specifically for that Hazard.

However, if you want to work on making a building up Defense Points for a different Hazard, you can select one from the bottom left of the pregame screen by tapping the little orange arrow through the various Defense Shields to choose the one you want: 

This is where strategy comes into play. For Instance, say we know that there’s the
Penguin Iceberg 20 Travel Points away. In the image to the right, which you can see by tapping the Hazard, we see that there’s a 30% chance you’ll have to defend against the upcoming Hazard, and if you are hit, with not enough or no defense, you’ll lose 15 Travel Points. It also indicates that your Club is not yet ready to face the Penguin Iceberg! But, if you’re in second place, and really need Travel Points to catch up, you might decide it’s better to take the 30% chance of getting hit, since there’s a 70% chance you won’t.

You can keep tabs on your Shield progress by tapping on your boat to see a menu showing your teammates contributions as well as your Club’s progress towards Shields. Once your Club has enough points for a Shield, it will say “Ready” and you’ll be prepared to confront the Hazard.


When you’re faced with a Hazard, one of three things will happen: you’ll miss it entirely, your Club will have earned enough Defense Points to block it, or you’ll take whatever punishment the Hazard doles out. As you get closer to the Hazard, you can check on your Defense status, as explained above, and work with your crew to ensure you have enough Defense Points to handle whatever comes your way. Hopefully you’ll have enough Defense Points to stop it, but if not, you’re still in the race and you can still win… although if your boat does incur the wrath of whatever Hazard it’s faced, it will be sent backwards a bit, and you will have to make up for the lost distance.

But hopefully, it’ll be a little more like this:


After the race, you’ll likely already know where you stand, but you’ll see the Race Results screen, telling you who placed where:

And after this screen, you’ll be presented with your rewards. And remember, even if you don’t come in first, you’ll still reap sweet rewards!

Let’s get racing!