Player Ghost Stories: The Ouija Knows and the Opinionated Ghost

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Ever play with a Ouija board? Ever live in a house haunted by an opinionated ghost? Today you get TWO hauntings from ONE player. Jodi has a “light” Ouija story and a “heavier” ghost story. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy…
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4. Okay… now tell us your stories…
First story:
In highschool, a group of friends and I were playing with a Ouija Board. We asked the spirit all the typical questions – what will we be when we grow up, will we have kids, our spouse’s name, etc…
One of us thought it’d be interesting to see if the spirit was telling the truth about our future by testing it with something that was going to happen in the near future. My sister was on a date, so we decided to ask what time she’d be home.
The first response was 187 (or something of that nature). We laughed and said, well, obviously it doesn’t know. Then, we thought, what if that was the measurement of time (in minutes) rather than what the clock would read? One of my friends said if it was the number of minutes, it’d be around 3am. We asked the spirit what time the clock would read. The board responded with 3:04.
Fast forward to 2:30/2:45, and my sister is still out. My friends and I are all watching the clock and joking about whether the spirit was going to be right after all. 3:02 we got really quiet and all climbed into the bed, lights off, covers up to our chins and staring at the digital clock in my room. Listening for a car (I lived in a very rural area. Likely any car coming down the street that time of night was going to be her).
3:03… waiting… waiting… We hear a car!
My friends and I run down the stairs, scared and trying to laugh it off. My mom gets up and we all greet my sister in the kitchen as she comes walking into the house. I looked at the microwave. It read 3:04.
Second story:
I was in college, living in an old house with 20 other people. The house was rumored to be haunted, and it was said it was a brothel at one point, and students had committed suicide there, etc. Occasionally we’d hear someone in the kitchen, and no one was there, a radio would turn on, there was a chill on the third floor. Nothing show stopping or harmful, but enough to perpetuate the haunted rumors.
I should also mention that at this time, I was questioning the religion in which I’d been raised, and organized religion as a whole.
One afternoon, shortly before I was scheduled to move out, I decided to take a nap. I laid down on my bed and soon drifted off.
In my dream, I was being chased by something. I ran into a church that had glassed in hallways leading along the sides and up to the altar. I ran into that hallway…
The door slammed behind me and everything went black. There was a loud booming voice that said, “How can you not believe? How can you see everything that is going on and not believe there is a God?” Over and over.
I was freaked out. And tried to wake myself up like anyone having a bad dream. I tried moving first – and I realized my arms were crossed over my chest like you frequently see on bodies in coffins (don’t know about you, but I don’t normally sleep that way). Lifted my arm up, and it SLAMMED back into my chest. I felt like I couldn’t move – something was holding me very very tightly.
I tried to open my eyes and I saw my room… from my ceiling.
And the booming voice continued in the darkness.
Tried moving an arm again, only to have it slam back into my chest like the last time.
Open my eyes again, and was upside down looking at my wall.
Decided to engage the voice, so I yelled back, “I believe in God. I just don’t believe there’s a right or wrong way to worship.”
Whatever had a hold on me let go and I woke up.

5. Would you say these experiences changed your life? If so, how so? 

On the first story? No. Aside from getting a chill whenever I notice a clock reading 3:04 (or anything with that number, really), and never playing with the Ouija Board again, no not really.

On the second story? Oh yes. I never slept in that house again! But I also deeply respect people’s religious and spiritual beliefs. I honestly don’t think there’s a wrong way to worship or that one religion is “better” than another, as long as the person is doing what is true to themselves and not intentionally harming anyone or anything else.

6. Would you want to have either experience again?

First story? Yes! It was fun hanging out with my girlfriends, for sure! 
Second story? Not a chance! 😂

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Both stories are 100% my experience as I recall them. I was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time. 
After the second incident, I saw a friend 2-3 hours later, and the first thing she said to me was, “Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” My response? “You have NO idea” 

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